Comedian Bill Maher laments the environmental impact of cryptos

What are cryptocurrencies used for? People who like to criticize them are usually those who have little or no knowledge…

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Interview “Well-run companies usually have fewer problems with environmental issues”

Olivier de Berranger is Head of Investment at asset manager LFDEPR Personal-Financial.com: Mr. Berranger, since it was founded in 1991,…

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Empirica study: arbitrariness in environmental protection reports?

A study by the research and consulting institute Empirica took a closer look at 51 reports in Berlin and Hamburg.…

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Penny shows “true costs”: environmental damage priced in!

Customers usually find new offers in the supermarket. It is different now in a Berlin discounter: A shop shows the…

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Nornickel boss Vladimir Potanin: billionaire and environmental offender

As early as the 1990s, Vladimir Potanin secured a bear share in Nornickel sharesimago images / ITAR-TASS After 30 years…

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Is this environmental stock about to go?

Whatever you think of the tractor demonstrations by German farmers: Agriculture is currently having a difficult time – worldwide. Not…

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