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The advanced air mobility sector comprises around 250 companies.

Electric aircraft and the associated infrastructure, operational in cities around the world, is the goal of the companies. The next revolution in aerospace seems to be just around the corner. The development of flying cars relies on sustainability, on-demand services and also on investors who are willing to provide a lot of money. And – very importantly – the necessary technology is available. Battery technology is an essential aspect in this context. Gradually, they are becoming affordable, so the economy of driving these vehicles makes sense.

The background to this is the CO2 balance, which a change in the transport network needs to solve the problem of climate change. Flying cars will not replace public transport, but for certain types of travel, air mobility vehicles can help reduce emissions. One could think of inner-city flights to the airport here. Of course, a high price would have to be paid for this. It may be suitable for a business traveler in a hurry, but only for the average consumer if general accessibility can be created and prices are affordable.

Another prerequisite is an infrastructure, because flying cars have to do a lot and therefore need a lot of energy, ideally from renewable sources. Lithium is required for the batteries. This has about Millennial lithium – – in his Pastos Grandes lithium project in Argentina. Research is also being carried out around the world and developments are being promoted in the areas of hydrogen technology and fuel cells. This requires the raw material platinum.

For example, it produces this one Sibanye-Stillwater – -, also a major gold producer, in South Africa or the USA.

Current company information and press releases from Millennial Lithium (- -) and Sibanye-Stillwater (- -).

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