FintechDKB starts robo-advisors – and partners with two fintechs

The DKB headquarters.PR

It has been 1634 days since the head of the second largest German direct bank DKB, Stefan Unterlandst├Ąttner, first reported on his robo-advisor plans. “We’re looking at it and have already had discussions with providers,” he said at the balance sheet press conference on March 22, 2017. So pretty much exactly four and a half years ago.

What followed was a back and forth that has seldom been experienced. At first, the Berlin-based B2B fintech Elinvar was the favorite robo-partner of the DKB. Then the market leader Scalable Names like Quirion were also circulating – before private customer boss Thilo Hacke then raised Elinvar again in May 2019. The launch should take place in the same year. What nothing came of. Instead: Happened for another 24 months – nothing. Now, however, the DKB’s robo-advisor should actually start.

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