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Friday, 08/13/2021 3:23 PM by PERSONAL-FINANCIAL.COM editorial team

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In a current comparative test by the renowned magazine “Euro am Sonntag”, 17 online brokers were examined. In the second part of the cost check, the editors looked into the question of which provider has put together the best offer for certain investor groups. Among other things, attention was paid to the costs per order and the service. For the independent testers, there were clear differences between the individual online brokers. The Smartbroker achieved the top rating “very good” in all categories and clearly left the competition behind.

The basis for the rating of the “Euro am Sonntag” was an extensive cost survey of various on-exchange and over-the-counter securities deals. The editors have created five sample customers for this – from occasional savers to active traders. Then it was calculated how much they would have to pay each year or quarter to the respective providers for precisely defined orders.

Finally, the total costs per sample customer were converted into grades. If the trading requests were not met, the broker was not included in the rating and anyone who did not convince with more than two sample customers was eliminated entirely from the overall rating.

Smartbroker is convincing all along the line

The smart broker was able to fulfill the wishes of all sample customers most cheaply. “You condense the individual evaluations into an overall evaluation […] then Smartbroker did by far the best. ”wrote the“ Euro am Sonntag ”in its judgment. The Berlin broker was particularly able to convince all five sample customers with its very low costs. The smart broker offers 280 savings plan ETFs for 0 Euro fees and also funds, stocks and derivatives that can also be traded for 0 Euro.

The smart broker secured itself only a few months ago the renowned “Finanz-Award” in the category “Best Custodian Bank” and was recently awarded the grade “very good” by the “Handelsblatt” editorial team in all examined categories. Investors can through the Smartbroker You can even save money, as a comparison test by the trade journal “Finanztest” (edition 11/2020) shows. Accordingly, smart brokers pay-Customers annually up to 831 euros less than the most expensive provider among online brokers.

Matthias Hach, CEO of wallstreet: online AG, on the top grades in the comparison test of “Euro am Sonntag”: “The fact that we received top grades in all five sample depots is great confirmation for our team and shows that we have a really extensive and at the same time have created affordable offers for practically all investor groups. As a community broker, the satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to us. The Smartbroker was largely developed according to the wishes of the users and will be improved together with them. “

Author: C. Wieland


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