[column] Beautiful examples of content marketing 3

As a marketer, you can always use ideas and then translate them yourself into a creative approach for your customer or your campaign. For inspiration, here are ten beautiful examples of content marketing, which have undoubtedly been well thought out. Part 3 in this series.

Hema inhakers
A recent and perfect inhiker of Hema on politics, do you remember him?

Source: Hema

And that’s not the only hooker, Hema takes the cake when it comes to cool hookers that have been thought about! They even use the inhakers to draw attention to new products.

Source: Hema

Valentine’s Day with Heineken
Responding to current events is a tip that is often emphasized when it comes to the use of content marketing. Instead of a general post such as “Happy King’s Day” or “Valentine’s Discounts”, Heineken, for example, does this very nicely by making a creative post – of course with their own products!

Source: Heineken

War Child – Afraid of monsters
Have you heard the song Afraid of the Dark with the phrase “There’s a monster under my bed” by Chef’Special? This song is featured in a War Child commercial, with a thoughtful message coming in. The comparison is made between children who are afraid of monsters under their bed and children who really know the danger in their daily lives. War Child stands up for these children and wants to remove their fears, so that children can sleep peacefully and do not have to be afraid. This shows how important the work of War Child is.


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