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Monday, 06/07/2021 7:48 AM from René Wolfram

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After we discussed the short-term effect in the gold price before the weekend on Friday, we continue with a similarly structured setup. This time we have a short-term trading opportunity again. This time at WTI Crude Oil. In this video I show you exactly what it is all about, and with which product I would like to use it: To the video

BULLISH | What looks good

  • Uptrend overall intact

BEARISH | What doesn’t look good

  • Intermarkets
  • regular Monday weakness


The trade is implemented with lever 13. The exit will take place today at 5 p.m.

  • LEVEL | Pay attention to these brands:
  • $ 65.00 | Support
  • $ 70.00 / resistor

    CERTIFICATE | With this certificate, the trade could be implemented.
    NOTE! The setup is valid for the current trading day.

    Crude oil short
    EUR 4.25 | Market
    Order valid for the day (up to and including June 7th, 2021)
    EUR 1.00 | Stop loss


René Wolfram, born in 1977, began trading on the stock exchange during his high school graduation. While studying business administration, he was already a self-employed trader, and in the years that followed he specialized in trading derivative financial instruments and futures. For this he developed his own trading strategies and rules in self-study. Wolfram was strongly influenced by the approach of the trading legend Larry Williams, who won the trading world championship in 1987 and holds a world performance record to this day. In 2013, Wolfram himself achieved one of the top three places in the renowned real money competition. With a performance of 52.3%, he was the first German ever to finish third in the World Trading Championship.

His trading approach is fundamentally and statistically shaped, but also has technical elements. Traders can track their full-time trading transparently in the RealMoneyTrader live trading room and follow every trade live. Commodities, currencies, indices and bonds are traded there. On his website It also provides helpful information for traders in the form of articles, videos and free training.

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