Marketplace, HoDooi the future Ebay of NFTs?

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To date, the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) market has exceeded $ 2 billion since its inception. The growing popularity of the NFT industry is leading many companies to want to try their hand at adventure. The explosive branch of non-fungible tokens is welcoming a newcomer today. HoDooi get in the ring and do not take gloves with the competition!

Warning : This article is brought to you by the company HoDooi. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment incentive.

A new challenger enters the scene

HoDooi is intended to be a multi-channel, all-in-one NFT marketplace, allowing you to buy, sell and resell any NFT digital content on a single platform.

The project is also characterized by an open approach in operating on several blockchains, starting with the Binance Smart Chain and on Ethereum. Subsequently, other channels will be compatible, the objective being full compatibility with the largest networks.

The project has already passed the fundraising stage since at the end of this first fundraising round, they are over $ 4.3 million that were collected. With the participation of strategic investors such as Morning Star Ventures, Mentha Partners, Hillrise, ZBS, AU21, Swissborg Ventures, Sora Ventures, DuckDAO, and Master Ventures. After this brilliantly successful step, the platform is preparing its launch for this summer and has already planned some large-scale partnerships to celebrate the occasion.

A collaboration that will strike hard!

For its first large NFT collection, HoDooi announced on May 5 a shattering partnership with a big name in boxing, Tyson fury. The British two-time heavyweight world champion is joining forces with the non-fungible token platform to launch his own series of NFTs.

This collaboration with the world boxing star and Gold Star Promotion will launch a first collection of NFT Tyson Fury, created by Fomolabs, and available from June 25 exclusively sure HoDooi.

The one nicknamed the “king of the gypsies” is impatient to launch his special collection on HoDooi and don’t hesitate to show it proudly: will be the official NFT marketplace to launch my NFT collection. I can’t wait to show my fans and their users what we’ve created. Prepare for the exit, homie backsplash !

Tyson fury

An opening to be exploited

At the head of the project HoDooi, we find Matt Luczynski. This is not his first try in the crypto ecosystem since he had already taken his first steps in the universe as a co-founder of Travala, a crypto-friendly hotel and plane reservation company that recently began its decentralization on the smart chain binance. With his all-in-one marketplace project, he declares his intention to correct one of the sector’s shortcomings by offering a reliable and easy-to-use platform:

We’re going to make the eBay for NFTs. The platform will allow our users to create auctions for their NFTs, list those they have purchased elsewhere, and browse what will be a thriving marketplace for digital artwork, moments and collectibles. ”

“We are immensely proud of Tyson’s decision to launch its first foray into the world of blockchain art and NFTs on our platform. He is a name known to all who has experienced all that the world of elite sport and celebrity life can throw at you. ”

“Alongside Tyson, we are working with a series of high profile names, from actors to sports stars, with the aim of bringing their collections to ”

Matt Lucynski, Founder of HoDooi

Obviously, the partnership with Tyson Fury is only an appetizer in the face of what they have in store for the future. So who will be the next big name to enter the NFT arena for HoDooi ? Place your bets !

HoDooi enters the field of NFT marketplaces and advances its carefully selected pawns. Between partnerships with prestigious companies and a first NFT collaboration with a big name in boxing, the platform has all the cards in hand to put the competition back on the ropes and achieve its goal of becoming the Ebay of NFTs!

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