How to Earn and Spend EOS?

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to successfully earn EOS without investing. If you are interested in this project, this is a great opportunity to get EOS Tokens.

You may also have the EOS already, but you are not sure what to do with it. We will therefore also present you some options for successfully spending EOS.

Of course, we will not be exhaustive in our explanations. We voluntarily limit ourselves to the ways of earning and spending EOS tokens that we find most interesting for the sake of efficiency.

Buying and Selling EOS on a Trusted Exchange Site

Usually, when we want get or part with a digital asset, you should use a exchange site for it. This is the way simpler and the more direct to buy or sell EOS.

However, it is important not to do this on a site. doubtful, because the risk of never seeing again the money or cryptos you would have deposited on it is high. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you only use platforms that have proven themselves within the blockchain community.

In the above ranking, you will be able to find reliable exchange sites on which it is possible to obtain or sell EOS against fiat money (euros, dollars, etc.) or other cryptoassets. If you do not know where to trade, we strongly recommend that you register only on one of these platforms for security reasons.

Your options for earning EOS without investing

When we want invest in cryptocurrencies, sometimes there may be some problems with pass the KYC of a platform, that we do not have as much money as we want to spend on cryptos or that scam stories in industry cool our ardor.

But that’s okay, because there are always a few ways to get digital assets without the slightest investment, as is the case with EOS.

In order not to burden our readers with too much choice vast, we will just explain a few of the existing options, those we believe to be the most practical to get free EOS tokens.

By participating in the EOSCrash BUG Bounty

In order to make their protocol as secure as possible, the parent company of the project has set up the program “EOSCrash BUG Bounty”. To put it simply, if a person succeeds in find a bug that could harm the project, it can report to the development team and to recieve money through this program.

Of course, this is not within the reach of the first user, because it requires programming skills and to be able analyze the code of the different parts that make EOS work.

However, by having the skills required, it is possible to pocket a lot of money in the form of EOS tokens. According to official sources from those responsible for the project, one person has already managed to pocket more than $ 100,000 by detecting bugs. It is therefore a method extremely lucrative if you have the Required Skills to successfully find the bugs present in the protocol code.

Via EOS staking

Due to the consensus used by EOS to operate your blockchain and verify transactions, it is necessary that some users stakent their tokens in order to become a Block Producer. By doing this, the project offers rewards form from EOS.

However, it is necessary to already have EOS tokens beforehand. If you don’t want to invest directly in the project, this is not a good idea for you.

Plus, the chips you go block can be on a long period of time. It is always possible to stop a staking in progress, but you will then lose a large part of the rewards to which you would have been entitled by going at the end of the staking period that you had defined in advance.

Thanks to bonuses at crypto casinos

Due to the popularity of EOS, it is possible to use this digital asset to play on a online casino that accepts cryptos. However, not all operators who accept gambling with digital assets do not support EOS.

Once registered on a EOS casino, it is possible to take advantage of certain Promotional offers offered by the operator, as free bonuses or many promotions on your deposits. By collecting the different offers, it is possible to play free casino games, while having the possibility of being able to withdraw your winnings as EOS thereafter.

However, please be very careful when playing online gambling games. If it is possible to win big sums with a little luck it is also possible to lose a lot of money if you don’t know you limit. Register with a crypto casino only if you are able to control, otherwise the risk is too important.

The methods available to spend your EOS tokens

If you already have EOS, then it is not the question of how to get it that arises, but knowing how to spend it. Here too, it is not always easy to understand how to best use your tokens.

In order to help you, we are therefore going to give you some indications on how it is possible to spend EOS tokens. There are obviously other methods, but these are the ones we consider to be the most appropriate to spend the tokens for this project.

Using them from DApps that work on the network

As Ethereum, EOS also has its own ecosystem which is one of the most developed in the industry. Within the latter, it is possible to use DApp (Decentralized Application) which require the use of EOS tokens.

If you want to spend EOS and feel that one of the DApps is useful for your needs, then this is a great opportunity to use your EOS tokens for that.

If the choice is relatively limited for the moment, the ecosystem of the project is developing little by little. In the near future, it is certain that you will have at your disposal many DApps some of which will be extremely helpful to your needs.

By paying for your purchases with your EOS tokens

While some merchants, whether online or in real life, allow users to pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum, these can sometimes also accept other cryptocurrencies, such as EOS.

However, EOS will never be accepted as only digital payment currency and will never replace BTC or ETH. You will then have two options at your disposal to spend this cryptoasset. The first is to find a merchant who directly accepts payments with EOS. It is rather rare, but there are still a few.

The second option is to successfully find a seller who has a payment system. multi-cryptos. Thanks to this option, it is possible for a buyer to pay with any digital asset in his possession, as EOS. Then, thanks to a automatic conversion system, the seller can receive his payment in the currency of their choice.

Thanks to a special crypto bank card

As not all traders directly accept crypto payments or do not have a system that allows them to convert automatically your payment in the currency of their choice, some crypto companies have decided to specialize in crypto bank cards.

To obtain one of these cards, you must have an account with the issuing company you are going to register your EOS wallet address (or another crypto). Then when you make a payment with your card Visa or MasterCard, the equivalent of the fiat money spent will be converted to EOS and deducted from your balance.

Keep in mind that in the face of the little competition between the companies that provide these crypto cards, the costs are still a little too high at present. However, these should quickly drop when other companies arrive in the area and paying with a card of this type will be a very good alternative to spend your EOS.

Conclusion on obtaining and spending EOS tokens

We hope you enjoyed our article and that you have discovered new ways to get EOS tokens or options to spend your tokens inexpensively.

EOS is one of the few projects where it is possible to pocket a huge amount of money if you have the chance to find bugs in their protocol. Other than that, the other methods that allow you to get tokens won’t really offer you a significant amount of money that could change your life. However, this will allow you to be one of the investors in the project.

To spend your EOS tokens, the project is already developed enough that you can do it within the ecosystem. However, to have more choice, we will have to wait a little longer for developers to start programming new innovative DApps. If you want to spend your EOS outside the ecosystem, it will have to be done in a way similar to that of other crypto-assets.

In case you want to learn more about EOS, we have put together a series of EOS guides that cover a specific aspect of the project each time. You will be able to discover new things by consulting a specific subject each time.


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