Holland, land of tulips and Bitcoin (BTC) wages

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Do Bitcoin (BTC) critics prefer a free pizza over a free BTC? This network of pizzerias in the Netherlands has decided to partially pay the salaries of some of its employees in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pizza Day 22 May. Cryptocommunity holiday. concept of buying pizza with bitcoin.

Was Satoshi Nakamoto a pizza chef?

May 22, 2021, Immensus Holding, the franchisee behind 16 establishments Domino’s Pizza to the Netherlands, announces that its employees will be able to choose to be paid in euros or Bitcoin, for the portion of their salary above the minimum wage.

The Netherlands have more than 270 Domino’s Pizza. Dutch law stipulates that companies must pay the minimum wage of their employees in euros.

Workers between the ages of 15 and 18 tend to earn slightly above this minimum wage, so they could earn a few satoshis a month.

The co-owner ofImmensus has indicated ” we are a modern company, and we work with a lot of young employees “And” we hear them talking about Bitcoin and we want to offer them the possibility of owning cryptocurrency. “

The fiat-to-crypto payment gateway BTC Direct will handle the conversion for employees who choose to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin.

The announcement of this news by Immensus coincides with the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day. Laszlo Hanyecz had bought 2 pizzas from Papa John’s in 2010 for 10,000 BTC.

May 18, 2021, Anthony Pompliano announced the launch of a pizzeria to support small businesses and the Bitcoin Development Fund of the Human Rights Foundation.

Customers will have to exclusively use crypto cards to pay. The company will not accept payments, however. BTC because, she does not want according to Pomp, “that people give up their bitcoins for pizza“.

Pizza for exhausted bulls

Will bitcoiners be more inclined to part with a few satoshis for pizza, in this time of crash or post crash of Bitcoin ?

The about-face ofElon musk towards Bitcoin, refusing the latter for the purchase of vehicles You’re here, had shaken the $ 30,000.

Bitcoin has since recovered, and is trading at $ 39,986 at the time of writing.

Is Bitcoin still intended to be a means of payment given its price which remains relatively high, despite the collapse of its price? Satoshi Nakamoto certainly created Bitcoin to make P2P transactions possible without an intermediary. It’s time to differentiate the crypto that has acquired the status of a hedging asset, from the trading software that has allowed other crypto projects to emerge.

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