Gamestop (GME) teases the arrival of its NFT Marketplace on Ethereum (ETH)

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While a few months ago the video game store company was at the heart of the battle between Reddit and hedge funds, GameStop has just announced the upcoming arrival of its NFT marketplace.

NFT - GameStop

An advertisement on its website

It is highly probable that the company wants to capitalize on the internet craze and take advantage of its second wind on the stock market to upload a site:

This site, very simple in appearance, has only one page for the moment but it is full of secrets.

First of all is the sentence Change The Game which welcomes the curious Internet user. Then an animation of a cartridge adorned with the term GameStop entering a GameBoy and whose screen displays cryptic sentences:

Power to the players

Power to the creators

Power to the collectors

power to players / power to creators / power to collectors

An Ethereum address full of information

An address can also be found on the presentation page of nft.gamestop.

GME address
Ethereum address 0x13374200c29C757FDCc72F15Da98fb94f286d71e

If we go on to look at this one on EtherScan, it is possible to realize several things:

  • First of all the entry in the contract named GameStop of the message GAME ON ANON
  • A multitude of different ERC20 tokens sent to the address. However, one of it attracts attention. We can see the recent creation of a GME token, the name of the GameStop action. So wink or future platform token?
GME Token
  • 2 NFTs ERC721 : One from the game CryptoKitties and the other of the game Gods Unchained.

Mailings without great interest made by individuals on the public address as for Vitalik Buterin recently. One way to get a little publicity quickly and easily.

GME Tokens List
  • The most interesting comes from reading the contract itself with the inscription of a date written in Epoch: 1626261600.

Once this has been passed in a converter we obtain the following date: Wednesday July 14, 2021. 11:20 am US time / 1:20 pm French time.

A date that can be an index on the day of the opening of the marketplace, or of the sale of the first GameStop NFTs.

  • Only one NFT has been created for the moment on this address :

This address takes us to a short 5-second video. That of the Gameboy and its GameStop cartridge on the website.

  • In the event category, we can see two events, one with the term PunkId. Any clue about the arrival of Cryptos Punks on the platform?

GameStop is recruiting!

Have you always dreamed of working at Micromania? Then maybe this new kind of announcement is for you!

GameStop is looking for:

  • engineers and developers specializing in Solidity, React and Python languages
  • designers
  • of players
  • marketing specialists
  • community leaders

If these profiles match you you can send an email with your profile and portfolio to the following address :

A well hidden easter egg

A little playable surprise is hidden on the website. Have you found it? No ?

So here’s how to access it:

Once on the site, you must click at the top right on the (very) small white circle. A browser game will then start. A little nod to the game with the dinosaur available on browsers when the internet is not working.

If want to directly play the game, just click this link :

GameStop hits a big blow with this announcement and launches into an ocean filled with fish already present or in the making. We can for example talk about OpenSea, SupeRare as well as recent announcements from Ebay, Binance or Instagram. The future will tell if GameStop can actually play in the big leagues or if the game ends without saving.

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