European Championship players De Jong and Gakpo in the Match of your Life campaign

For the design and development of the campaign, a partnership between advertising agency Hart Voor De Zaak and sports marketing agency Triple Double is signed on behalf of the Matchis foundation.

Matchis is continuously recruiting people to register as a stem cell donor. There is a particular need for young and male donors between the ages of 18 and 35. Research has shown that stem cells from this group of patients offer a higher chance of recovery. The match between the patient’s cells and those of the donor is crucial for the chance of recovery. Such a match does not occur so quickly. Therefore, many potential stem cell donors are needed.

The real match

Both Cody Gakpo and Luuk de Jong are personally familiar with this fact. Gakpo knows how difficult it can be to find the right donor due to a serious blood disorder in his family. Luuk de Jong knows the problem because of the acute leukemia, which the press secretary Thijs Slegers of his former club, PSV, had to deal with. Just when so many people think of the Match of your Life mainly about performance in the service of Orange, they point to the real match of your life. That of a patient with a blood disorder when a suitable donor has been found.

Channels and Resources

The campaign – developed in a collaboration between Hart Voor De Zaak and Triple Double – will start from today, June 7th. The channels used are divided into owned, earned and paid media, including the own social media of Luuk De Jong, Cody Gakpo and Matchis and campaigns in social media and display advertising. Both players remain available for media appearances. The campaign uses video commercials of varying lengths. Films are also used in which the players personally and in more detail discuss the importance of stem cell donation. Because football players and other top athletes work for years towards that one match or final: the match of their lives. But almost immediately after that comes the realization that there is one subject that is even more important, namely life itself. Donors can register on the campaign website

Style video

The campaign videos are strongly geared to the target group of young men and differ markedly from the style that Matchis usually uses. The videos feel more like a commercial for a football shoe brand. A well-known player speaks to you and game style animations explain the necessity of donorship playfully but clearly. Donorship should be cool. Boris Booy is responsible for directing the commercials.

Responsible at customer

• Bert Elbertse

• Anouska Louwerse and Janine van Iterson

Responsible at agency

• Strategy/concepting: Ramses Braakman (Hart Voor De Zaak) and Norberth Korsmit (Triple Double)

• Art Direction: Derek van der Vlugt (Triple Double)

• Sports marketing: Nicole Masolijn, Ruud van der Knaap and

Lars van Heiningen (Triple Double)

• Account management: Jacqueline de Groot (Heart For The Cause)

• Directed by: Boris Booy

• Production: Czar

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