Cryptocurrencies facing censorship from mainstream media

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Bitcoiners organize to counter censorship

As we already know, governments and banks don’t like bitcoin, and for good reason: it seems to escape state control and banks prefer their customers to invest in their in-house products (it should be noted that, unlike French banks that are completely closed to innovations, some US banks are starting to offer crypto products). This is the reason why it is better not to keep the population informed of technological innovations, at best we lie to them (we all know the refrain on tax fraud, money laundering or even terrorism), at worst we censor outright and simply.

Social media censorship

This is what happened to the Journal Du Coin on April 11 (whose channel was reestablished under pressure the next day):

“On the evening of Sunday, April 11, 2021, in full broadcast of the weekly live showing the crypto and blockchain news of the week, the Journal du Coin Youtube channel was suddenly and without warning banned from the first global broadcasting platform. “

In order not to depend on large free platforms to censor and demonetize content creators’ videos, “free” platforms see their emergence over time, such as, platform born in 2019 in the United States., (Locals Technology Inc.), was created by Dave Rubin and Assaf Lev in 2019. After a first fundraising of one million dollars in March 2020, the leaders of the startup announced Tuesday, April 20 a new capitalization of 3.8 million dollars. The startup received the support of the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, from the former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji S. Srinivasan, as well asAlexander lloyd, co-author of The Little Bitcoin Book. aims to be an alternative platform that puts control over independent creators by allowing them to post content without having to grapple with the ambiguous censorship standards of social media platforms like Youtube or Twitter.

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic book, said he had joined Locals because this platform gave him back control of his content, because he feared being banned or demonetized:

“Twitter could ban me, YouTube could demonetize me, and it only took one misstep for me to be unemployed. I was putting tons of work into something I had no control over. These platforms could snap my fingers and destroy my work without me being able to do anything about it. “

Although the platform Locals is not blockchain-based, it is likely to be of interest to crypto influencers who have been victims of shadow bans similar, demonetizing or deleting videos.

The co-founder and CEO of Locals, Assaf Lev, noted on the company’s website that the platform’s goal was to give back control to creators:

“We created to give creators more – more money, more control and real ownership over their own content and audiences. “

Creators posting to the platform can set the rules for what content is allowed in their own “communities”, and fans can also post content in communities to which they are subscribed. The co-founder Dave rubin, outspoken political commentator (1.55 million subscribers on Youtube), launched Locals with the idea of ​​changing the rules of the game so that they are more fair:

“If you consider the relationship between major social media platforms and content creators, the equation is reversed. The content creator is the reason people go to these platforms, and yet they are the ones who take the lion’s share. “

Creators can set their own monthly subscription fees, Locals taking a 10% share of total monthly income. The platform works with the Local Coin, an unencrypted digital currency valued at $ 0.10.

Locals is a platform intended, for the moment, for an English-speaking public. And, if of course the idea of ​​doing without Youtube and other platforms with easy censorship, is good, it is certain that if Locals wants to develop internationally, it will have to offer its interface in several languages, especially since there are already platforms of this type such as GazeTV, You42 and AIOZTube all of which aim to provide a transparent way for creators to publish content (while still being able to track income on the blockchain).

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Subprimes, financial crises, galloping inflation, tax havens…: bitcoin was designed for more transparency and perhaps finally to change the situation. I try to understand this new environment and try to explain it in my turn. The road is undoubtedly long, but it is worth it.


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