Coinbase has held Bitcoins (BTC) in its treasury since 2012

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Diversify your cash flow into cryptocurrencies thanks to Coinbase

Section containing most of the information relating to corporate cash management in all its forms, the new FAQ offered by Coinbase is a hell of a persuasive tool. It presents in particular clarifications concerning the regulatory and technical aspects related to an investment in the crypto markets. The exchange thus allowed to insert a weighty argument to convince the companies which wish to follow this voice to appeal to it. It is neither more nor less than the personal experience of Coinbase which details there how she managed to keep her cash flow afloat by investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies.

Eager to put its experience to the profit of companies, the exchange presents in its FAQ a comprehensive overview of the types of investment, accounting and tax policies on the subject. A nod is also made to the performance of Bitcoin over the past few years tracked in support of a comparison with other classic assets such as gold and the S&P 500. The document highlights bitcoin by recalling that it benefits froman annualized Sharpe ratio of 1.52 over the past five years. Once these details were presented, Coinbase invited companies to choose it as their execution partner for transactions leading to such an investment.Subscribe for freeJoin our community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiastsEmail * Validate

A strategy that aims to take advantage of the enthusiasm of institutions

After a first wave led by companies like MicroStrategy, institutions are preparing a second arrival on the bitcoin market. This trend was confirmed recently with Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin investment. The comments that followed about the huge profits for the companies that took the plunge only fueled that momentum.

Analysts are also predicting a ripple effect with nearly 5% of listed companies who will want to do the same in the coming weeks. Aware of this reality, Coinbase has therefore dressed its pawns with this FAQ could not be more explicit. Like management funds like Grayscale, the exchange hopes to quickly have success with institutions.

While waiting to chain deals on this side, the exchange is currently making the headlines for a completely different news. While massive liquidations are currently being observed in the market, Coinbase recorded withdrawals of around $ 1 billion which were made by two whales.

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