Adan and Ethereum France, Simon Polrot to conquer democratization

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Interview Simon Polrot

For those most up to date, you probably already know it, but Simon Polrot is no longer the president of ADAN. Faustine Fleuret, whom we had already received in the past, took over the reins of the association. This sponsored interview having been carried out before this handover, do not be surprised!

Adan and Ethereum France two associations, the same goal.

Having discovered Ethereum from its launch, Simon immediately understood the power of this new tool… but also its complexity! In a pedagogical approach he therefore launched in 2016 Ethereum France.

A simple desire to pass on his passion for technology to his neighbor, a passion which then turned into a vocation for this tax lawyer by training.

If you want to know more about Ethereum, or be able to read exclusive interviews with these people who shape the ecosystem, the site remains a reference in the matter. If you are more of a physical encounter type when a certain pandemic permits, the ETHCC are made for you!

Largest conference in Europe on Ethereum, these are always the opportunity to attend in advance the development of the Ethereum ecosystem and more broadly of the blockchain!

But where was I … oh yes! In 2020, shortly before the start of the famous pandemic that we no longer present, Simon polrot launch theAdan with eleven major companies in the sector (Ledger, Nomadic Labs, Coinhouse ..).

A new association with a common goal: to move the French blockchain ecosystem forward in the right direction.

The DNA of Adan

TheAdan intervenes via two types of actions:

  1. Outward-facing actions : these are private companies not from the sector, associations, politicians, members of the government … Here its role is to explain with pedagogy the challenges of blockchain.
  2. Support actions for members : it is about using different mediums to facilitate exchanges and the creation of common resources for members. The ecosystem and its industry are nascent and there is still relatively little direct competition. Adan’s mission? Bring together professionals trying to survive together in a relatively hostile world. It is from this cohesion that the dynamism of the sector in France will emerge.

1 year later, where are ADAN and Ethereum at? Well there’s only one way to find out… good viewing to you and see you next week!

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President and Co-Founder of MinedHack and fervent defender of the Blockchain since 2017, I am aware that without explanations and vision of the industry its adoption will never take place. I hope as a Reporter and Editor of CoinTribune to help with this mission.


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