US banks are opening up to Bitcoin (BTC), the market is leaping!

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If French banks are still cautious about virtual currencies and their integration into the world of traditional finance, on the side of the United States, rather than putting these two worlds in opposition, we have chosen to supervise them closely while remaining up to date to adapt to the inevitable upheaval of this new ecosystem. It is in this spirit that this partnership is inscribed, which marks a new major step in the generalized adoption of Bitcoin (BTC).

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Bitcoin services soon available in more than a hundred American banks

This is a milestone announcement on the road to adoption! The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has partnered with Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) to provide banking institutions with the ability to offer Bitcoin (BTC) financial services to Americans for the very first time.

This partnership between the crypto-currency custodian and the fintech giant thus announces the beginnings of change in the world of finance across the Atlantic in allowing customers of more than a hundred American banks to have the possibility of buying, selling or even holding the digital currency in the coming months.

NYDIG declared that it was in discussions with other larger banking groups to add them to this first list of establishments, for the moment made up of smaller institutions, with the aim of extending the compatibility of these services to most banks.

Yan Zhao, the CEO of the company told CNBC : “Most people cannot invest in the same products as institutional investors. With the ability to buy even a dollar worth of Bitcoin through your bank, anyone can now own a certain amount of an attractive asset. We believe this is a huge step forward towards economic empowerment. “.

After the successful launch of this first service base, the New York group weighing more than $ 10 billion plans to launch a new salvo of products, including notably debit card rewards paid in bitcoin and a new type of bank account. insured by the FDIC (current services are not), but whose interest is paid in bitcoins.

In the country of Uncle Sam, it is obviously no longer a question of being left behind by this new economy or of seeking to make it inaccessible to ordinary people since everything is gradually being put in place to integrate it naturally into finance. traditional. These first American banks agreeing to open up to Bitcoin (BTC) thus show that it is possible to associate the two worlds and pave the way for general adoption in the United States, a demonstration of openness which, we hope, will instill in their French counterparts the courage necessary to do the same.

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