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PodcastWhy digitization is a key issue at Dussmann

Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch has been Dussmann boss since 2019Dussmann

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and social bots – the future is digital. But how digital is Germany actually? In the “So techt Germany” podcast, the best digital experts provide insights into the tech scene.

The Corona crisis was the acid test for many companies in terms of digitization. It quickly became clear where there was still some catching up to do. One company that specifically promoted digitization during the pandemic is Dussmann, according to CEO Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch. “We deliberately said that we would use this time to continue an investment in the future that we want to make anyway, and perhaps to accelerate it a little”

Mostly known to Berliners as a cultural department store, Dussmann actually earns his living as a building technology, security and cleaning company. “We are indeed a company that has developed historically with 60,000 employees,” says Adlhoch in “So techt Germany”. They are now represented in 21 countries. However, Germany is playing the biggest role in digitization, says the Dussmann boss. That would be due to the close cooperation with German partners such as Telekom. You have been working “strategically and in partnership at the point for years.”

Conscious decision to go digital

Adlhoch is of the opinion that digitization must be an issue of the heart for it to work: “I believe that when it comes to digitization, you have to make a conscious decision that it is the right thing to do and that you accept the challenges.” not only follow because you have read or heard about it, but must “feel that it has advantages.”

In the past, buildings were measured in the traditional way with a pen and a sheet of paper, but today you can do it with drones. That speeds up the process and makes it more valuable. Nevertheless: “The combination of man and machine remains.” And that is a good thing, because Dussmann is a service provider and services have to be provided by people, says Adlhoch.

In the new episode of “So techt Germany”, he explains why Adlhoch would like to be more involved in the planning and construction process for real estate and how the switch to home office at Dussmann went.

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