More than 3% of Ethereum (ETH) stock is stuck on ETH 2.0

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When fully deployed, Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 should not experience any major security problems thanks in particular to the early success of staking. More than 3% of Ethers are today staked on ETH2 deposit contracts.

ETH2 is gaining weight

More than 3% of the supply ofEthereum is now blocked in the deposit contract of theETH2.

TheETH2 currently has over 107,000 active validators, with approximately 670 new validators per day.

As the developers continue to advance the effective deployment ofEthereum 2.0, the price ofEther crosses the $ 1,850 mark.

Ethereum preparing for update Berlin in block 12,244,000 on April 14, 2021.

Berlin will make it possible to achieve 4 EIP : theEIP-2565, theEIP-2929, theEIP-2718, and theEIP-2930. It follows updates Istanbul Muir Glacier. Subscribe for freeJoin our community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiastsemail * Validate

Gas: we can’t do it!

Advances in updatingEthereum contribute to the increase in its price.

They can however cause friction, the decentralized nature of the network requiring that the major actors play the game, even if some disagree on the realization of certain proposals for improvement.

The beacon chain was launched in early December 2020, the deposit contract forETH2 was released a few weeks ago.

Staking on theETH2 is a success given the latest figures on the number ofEthers blocked in the deposit contract.

The full deployment ofEthereum 2.0 however, could take several months or more years.

Ethereum suffers the classic scalability problems with the explosion of the price ofETH2, which is accompanied by an explosion of gas.

The latter penalizes projects Challenge and NFT, sectors which are nevertheless experiencing strong development.

Will the success of the staking on ETH2 be accompanied by a technical success that will allow Ethereum to solve the scalability problems? If ETH killers today find it difficult to position themselves as a serious alternative to Ethereum, interoperability between ETH and its competitors could be the solution to offer a solid infrastructure that will support the weight of DeFi. ETH2 is welcoming a growing number of validators. Is the increase in the price of Ether likely to significantly slow the growth of the 32 ETH club?

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