Mastercard launches survey, 40% of respondents want to use cryptos by 2021

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Millennials, born between 1982 and 2000, plagued by cryptocurrencies with 77% of them wanting
develop their knowledge of the environment.

Mastercard, the driving force behind mass adoption

A survey of the American company MasterCard, essential for payment by credit card,
reveals 4 in 10 people plan to use cryptocurrency as a payment method
by next year. Published on May 4 and titled “Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off / The consumer appetite for digital payments is soaring”, this survey brought together more than 15,500 people in 18 different countries.

First, this survey tells us that 67% of Millennials consider themselves more able to use
cryptocurrencies as a means of payment than last year
. Social networks are a
vector of information dissemination very popular with this generation and the current bullrun has strongly
contributed to the democratization of cryptocurrencies. For example, the “Social Index” of the
Scalpex Index has only very rarely broken away from the euphoria since the start of the year.

Secondly, the survey reports that 77% of Millennials want to develop their
knowledge of the environment and that it would be easier to use cryptocurrencies if they were
understood better
. At the French-speaking level, many crypto-oriented media have seen
recently their number of subscribers has exploded, which shows the interest in technology.

MasterCard intends to promote mass adoption and announced in February that payment in
crypto at its 30 million partner merchants would be offered to its users over the course of
year 2021. Initially offered in stablecoins, MasterCard indicated that the payment in
more volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would require more work to ensure the best
exchanges and guarantee the safety of user funds.

The pandemic has changed attitudes towards digital currencies. 93% of people say they are ready to
use emerging payment solutions such as crypto, biometric, free
contact, QR code etc. The CPO of MasterCard, Craig Vosburg, explained that the American company would continue to
offer diversified payment solutions to its users to better evolve with the
businesses and allow everyone to benefit from the digital economy.

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