Mark Zuckerberg and his goat named Bitcoin, wink or hidden message?

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The CEO of Facebook revealed in a post on his account the names of his two goats: Max and Bitcoin. Between humor and convictions, let us dwell on the message that the multibillionaire wishes to convey.

Bitcoin Goat

Just a joke …

It is likely that this post has no other desire than to make its community smile. Indeed, the photo below contrasts with the serious character of the prodigy of Silicon Valley. Sometimes likened to a robot during its hearings before the United States Congress, it is a Mark Zuckerberg humanized that we find here.

Behind his air of an apprentice farmer, Mark Zuckerberg maybe has another idea in mind.

… to the subliminal message

For several months, Elon Musk, boss of the Tesla and SpaceX companies, has democratized the use of cryptocurrencies. It is now possible to pay your Tesla in Bitcoin and SpaceX will finance a lunar mission thanks to Dogecoin. The eccentric billionaire, self-proclaimed “the Dogefather,” also tweetered this morning whether Tesla should consider accepting Dogecoin as a payment method.

These announcements have proven to be beneficial for the ecosystem, but Elon musk will not be able to shake up the classic economy on its own. Mass adoption will only be possible if GAFAM –Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft – also decide to set foot in the cryptosphere.

May 26 will be held on Facebook Annual Shareholder Meeting, during which decisions about the company’s strategy will be made. Even though Mark Zuckerberg’s decision-making power has been reduced in recent years, the subject of cryptocurrencies should be addressed. If Facebook has not yet indicated that it has invested part of its cash in Bitcoin, Mark Zuckerberg’s post confirms the billionaire’s position in favor of cryptocurrencies.

In the middle of a bullrun, news like this can lead to general euphoria. There are many speculations about the purchase of Bitcoins by Facebook, but only an official publication will be able to propel the price to new heights. Anyway, a goat called “Bitcoin”, it sends!

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