Lily, 3 years old, Bitcoin (BTC) girl

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Bitcoin HODler (BTC) without being able to spell it: won’t the next generations know fiats? Lily Knight talks about cryptocurrencies. Nothing surprising if she was not only 3 years old. Pub

Bitcoin in kindergarten

“The global cryptocurrency expert in the toddler space”, Lily knight, was the youngest speaker in the online conference Women of the Future on cryptos and blockchain, March 8, 2021.

Lily is barely 3 years old. She had shown her infantile enthusiasm for the BTC on International Women’s Day in 2021.

Lily said: “I have been a HODler my whole life”. She added that “it’s so cool to see women and girls in the cryptosphere. It is important for us to have an autonomous financial future ”.

Lily was probably helped by a relative for some crypto jargon. She became popular in the cryptosphere after posting a video explaining the limited supply of Bitcoins using candy Skittles.

Tyler winklevoss, had welcomed the explanations of Lily on cryptocurrencies. According to him, she “understands better Bitcoin than most bankers ”.

Lily was born during the 2017 bull run. She started shooting videos with her parents in August 2020.

She’s the youngest voice in the cryptosphere, but she’s not the only child holding cryptocurrency.

Elon musk had bought Dogecoins (DOGE) in February 2021, for his 9 month old son who he had with the Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher.

Marc Cuban had also bought 5 USD in DOGE for his 11-year-old son, Jake. Subscribe for freeJoin our community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiastsemail * Validate

Cryptos: a question of age

The development of the adoption of cryptocurrencies requires mass education to make them accessible to all. Pub

Will cryptocurrencies be “natural” for the next generations – just like the internet is for people born after 2000 ?

What is the resemblance between a floppy disk and a dollar? Future generations find it hard to believe they existed, and those who have used them need to realize that they are aging. Lily Knight gives hope for a world without fiats, a future where citizens regain control of the monetary and financial system in the hands of a few sharks today. Should all parents educate their children, taking the example of Musk, Cuban, and Lily’s parents? Become crypto parents to secure the future of your children.

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