In the shadow of crypto trading

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Today we continue our interview session with, uh … I am told in the headset that neither his name nor his face, nor his gender are known … Well can we at least know his job? Trader you say? So let’s hear what our mysterious trader has to tell us.

Trading is… uh…

So I want to be honest with you, here I am very annoyed … Trading is not the domain of your servant, I will not insult you to tell you about it … What can we talk about? Hmmm, no matter how much I look, I admit I can’t see… Oh yes, we could talk about the importance of anonymity in our sector! So I know the subject and fully understand the choice of our interviewee of the day!

Ah .. you came to listen to the secrets of this trader who, grabbed by wealth, prefers for his safety, to remain in anonymity? Is…

So I can only wish you a good viewing, humbly ask you to subscribe and meet next week for a more… conventional interview?

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President and Co-Founder of MinedHack and fervent defender of the Blockchain since 2017, I am aware that without explanations and vision of the industry its adoption will never take place. I hope as a Reporter and Editor of CoinTribune to help with this mission.


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