Ethereum (ETH) rolls out Berlin upgrade

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The long journey to Ethereum (ETH) 2.0: the next Berlin update is scheduled for April 14, 2021. The upgrades schedule is released.

Istanbul to Berlin: ETH update ticket

The community ETH took out an agenda for the next upgrade Berlin.

The latter will be launched on the mainnet ofEthereum. Tim beiko reported on March 8, 2021, that the launch is scheduled for block 12,244,000 on April 14, 2021.

The update to the first testnet, Ropsten, was scheduled for March 10, 2021.

Networks Goerli and Rinkeby should be updated on March 17 and March 24, 2021.

Node operators Ethereum should update to a version compatible with Berlin as soon as possible for the 3 testnets, and an upgrade before April 7, 2021 for the mainnet.

Exchanges, wallet providers, and holders ofEther do not have to perform specific operations for this update.

Berlin follows updates Istanbul and Muir Glacier, which took place in December 2019 and January 2020.

The name of the current update was fixed after the Devcon 0, held in Berlin.

The next upgrade toEthereum will be called London, where the Devcon 1.Subscribe for freeJoin our community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiastsemail * Validate

From proposal to realization

4 improvement protocolsEthereum will be implemented via Berlin :

  • theEIP-2565 reducing the cost of precompilation ModExp ;
  • theEIP-2929 increasing the cost of certain gases;
  • theEIP-2718 introducing a new type of transaction;
  • theEIP-2930 including a transaction type with optional access lists.

The beacon chain was launched in early December 2020, but the full deployment of Ethereum 2.0 may take several months or more years. ETH2 is considered by some as a solution to better support the development of DeFi. However, projects are betting on the interoperability of Ethereum with its alternatives, to provide an infrastructure capable of supporting the weight of DeFi. Upcoming updates should boost the price of Ether. Unfortunately, for the moment, the increase in the price of ETH is accompanied by an explosion of gas. ETH2 may eventually solve this problem, but in the meantime, every breakthrough may have the opposite effect.

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