Employees vote for downsizing themselves

At the ailing cruise ship builder, 660 jobs are to be cut. This was decided not only by the management, but also by the workforce. The works council is on the barricades.

In the struggle for the course at Meyer-Werft, the management had employees vote on job cuts – and thus pissed off the works council.

According to the ailing cruise ship builder, 93 percent of around 1,500 participating employees voted for 660 jobs to be cut. Condition for this: The rest of the workforce must be willing to contribute. As such, 200 unpaid overtime hours a year had been named so far.

Of 1,557 employees, 1,446 therefore voted in favor of this proposal. However, there was no majority in favor of the alternative. It stipulated that 1,000 jobs should be lost without employee contributions. The works council criticized the shipyard management’s approach as “unlawful”.

Meyer Werft works council: bosses want to split the workforce

The management had made an attempt to split the workforce and create a mood against the works council, said works council chairman Nico Bloem. “But the workforce sees through this gruesome game.” Bloem also pointed out that only part of the workforce took part in the survey, although everyone was allowed to participate.

The works council also emphasized that such an action was subject to co-determination. However, the employee representatives were not involved and the proposals of the works council for downsizing were not part of the survey. The works council now wants to organize a works meeting at the beginning of the week.

Little demand for new cruise ships

Regardless of this, the management sees a clear vote in the vote. “Now we can hopefully soon find good solutions for each individual and the entire shipyard in an arbitration board. I am really pleased that the majority of you have spoken out in favor of the common path that allows us to secure more jobs,” said managing director Jan Meyer according to a message.

So far, Meyer in Papenburg employs 3,600 people in the core workforce and around 900 employees in subsidiaries. There is hardly any demand for new giant cruise ships in the coming years due to Corona. The shipyard will slow down the order book until 2025.


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