Cryptocurrencies (CRO) continues to rise!

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The exchange (CRO) continues to rise and inevitably wants to become an undisputed leader in the industry. And the month of April is the perfect demonstration of this with many new features. Let’s go back together on the important elements of these last weeks that should not be missed!

Always more possibilities

In recent weeks, the (CRO) platform has decided to meet an important expectation of its users: the number of projects available. And in April, many cryptocurrencies were added to the platform:

  • KAWA
  • HOT
  • 1INCH
  • OGN
  • STX
  • NMR

All of these projects are now available for purchase and sale on the app and the exchange. In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it’s an important topic for an exchange to come up with worthwhile projects.

And this choice is not always obvious. We must succeed in having all the projects expected by the community, while making sure to list only serious projects at the risk of risking the assets of their clients. is doing extremely well at this game and each listing is carefully considered. It also shows the platform’s ambitions and its recent performance.

Partnership with NYSE

The New-York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is one of the world’s leading stock exchanges. Recently, the NYSE announced an agreement with to offer NFTs directly on the platform recently launched by

This partnership has caused a lot of noise since the NYSE is such an unexpected and important partnership. The latter relates in particular to the IPO of large companies which will have the right to an NFT edited in a copy to immortalize the moment. (CRO) continues to rise and is always looking to establish itself as a staple in the ecosystem. The different listings as well as the partnership with NYSE is proof of the seriousness of the platform which, month after month, year after year, has succeeded in establishing itself as a giant.

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