Chip manufacturing in Europe “almost lost industry”

Many chips are mainly produced in Asia, so Europe is dependent on imports. The head of the German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon is now criticizing the EU’s competition policy.

The CEO of the semiconductor manufacturer Infineon, Reinhard Ploss, has criticized the EU’s competition policy. Europe is dependent on imports from Asia for chips, but must become autonomous and regain an “almost lost industry”, demanded Ploss on Friday on Deutschlandfunk. Without this competence, not only car manufacturers and industry, but also environmental and climate protection would be weakened. “But right now we are handing out a very, very large number of stop signs in Europe,” said Ploss.

The inequality of the competitive conditions is increasing. While China, Japan, Korea and the USA are promoting their digital industry and even shaping cooperation, the EU is slowing down. Europe and Germany should shape and support cooperation between medium-sized and large-scale industry: that “could be our differentiating factor,” said Ploss.

Data protection must also be handled more pragmatically. Catching up the technical backlog with microchips is a very big challenge. “If you just stand in the back, you probably won’t be the winner of the next match,” said Ploss. In the German auto industry, there has been short-time work for months due to a lack of chip deliveries.


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