Career application: This is what you should ask in job interviews

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Almost every job interview ends with the following sentence: Do you have any more questions? You should definitely answer this – not only so as not to appear disinterested, but also to check for yourself as closely as possible whether the position is interesting for you. You should therefore find out these things for yourself at the appointment.

# 1 What daily chores will I have?

An appointment at the Federal Chancellery or a similarly exciting place and with interesting people is not waiting for you every day. Instead, the so-called black bread is the order of the day: everyday routines that can be done in your sleep after familiarization and are not particularly irritating, or activities that actually spoil the mood. Unfortunately, these tasks often take up a large part of the working time. Therefore, you should definitely know beforehand what is going to happen in addition to the occasional highlights at your workplace.

# 2 who will I work with?

No matter what you said in the job interview: You yourself know best how teamwork you are – or how much it annoys you when a dozen colleagues are involved in all work steps. Therefore, the question of cooperation can reveal important information about team or department sizes, but also directly about hierarchies. You can also better imagine your future role. Ideally, you can also see from the answer what your induction would look like. If not: ask here too.

# 3 What would be my first project?

Job postings often list a dozen jobs, but they remain superficial and vague. So that you can get a more concrete picture of what your job would look like in practice, it is helpful to know where you would start. This also makes it easier to assess whether you are meeting the requirements. A follow-up question could therefore also be offered here: How do you measure performance and success?

# 4 How do you get feedback?

Is there an annual year-end meeting or does the company use the OKR method? Or is there no structured feedback at all, but informally at the weekly team meeting? Your employer’s answer shows, on the one hand, how closely they work together and, on the other hand, whether modern management methods are being used. If the latter applies, the chances are better that your superiors value further training in order to always be up to date.

# 5 What do you like best about working at this company?

This question can be asked if a certain familiarity has been built up during the interview or if it is obvious that the applicant and the employer are sympathetic. However, you can already hear a lot from the way your interlocutor answers: Is he talking enthusiastically or rather dispassionately? Does he smile when he speaks? His answer can give a first glimpse into the corporate culture.

In addition to the questions that you should ask, there are also some that it is better to avoid during your first personal contact. These include: Do I get Christmas and vacation pay? How many vacation days do I have? Can I celebrate overtime quickly? Am I entitled to a company car? And: why should I choose you?

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