Bitcoin – Anonymous destroys Elon Musk

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Decidedly, Elon Musk’s escapades do not work at all. The cup is full for Anonymous who has decided to expose the billionaire’s double game vis-à-vis Bitcoin.

“Another rich narcissist in need of attention”

Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist movement. The group is well known for its defense of free speech and its various cyber attacks against governments and other institutions since 2003.

In this video (already 1.3 million views) posted on Day 2 of the Bitcoin conference, Anonymous said that Elon Musk was “nothing but a wealthy narcissist in need of attention” before he add:

It seems that your quest to save the world is more of a superiority complex and messiah complex than a real concern for humanity. This has long been obvious to your employees who suffer from intolerable working conditions. It is also obvious for the children who work in your Lithium mines.

Anonymous has also not forgotten that Elon Musk has publicly declared that he is ready to overthrow governments to install dictatorships in order to obtain the rare earths needed to build his non-recyclable batteries …

The hacktivists then denounced his double game about bitcoin and the fact that it betrayed millions of small investors who planned to improve their lives by investing in crypto. ” Your tweets this week clearly show that you don’t care about little people. “, They blurted out to the CEO of Tesla.

As workers see their dreams shattered because of your hysterics, you keep laughing at them with memes sent from your multi-million dollar mansions.

We highly recommend that you read our article on the Musk scam.

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