Be Aware .. Jean Claude Van Damme arrives in the NFTs

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Fiat currencies in 20/30 years there will be more”. The actor, director, martial arts practitioner arrive with a split jump in the NFTs. A premature announcement resulting in the deletion of the actor’s posts on the networks, but CoinTribune remains on the lookout!


A teaser video on Twitter:

It is by a short humorous video now deleted that the Belgian actor announced his future collection of NFTs.

We could see JCVD ​​there make the error several times on the pronunciation of NFT. Successively making mistakes with “KFC”, The famous fried chicken restaurant chain,“STDs“, Sexually transmitted diseases, the“KGB”, The old name of the Russian intelligence service, before ending on the correct term: NFT.

“I believe in the moment. If there is not the moment, at that moment, it is necessary to arrive at that moment, at the moment that we want. “

Jean Claude when he heard about the nfts

An NFT JCVD ​​by Jean Claude representing Van Damme in Predator

“My motto is always: to recreate oneself. We have to recreate ourselves. . . To recreate. . . A better you. And that is very hard! And, and, and and. . . it’s very easy at the same time. “

With JCVD, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Even the ’80s filming photos.

It is certain that when JCVD ​​wants to do things, he does not do them by halves, even if sometimes everything does not go as planned. That’s why the following NFT can be found on its OpenSea page :

the NFT on OpenSea
NFT on OpenSea

A shooting image of the first film Predator in which the actor was to play the role of the creature. However, fate decided otherwise. Several versions of the facts exist.

  • According to production, JCVD found the costume very ugly, didn’t get along well with the film crew and producer but also only thought about his future first role on BloodSport.
  • Jean Claude Van Damme, he argues that the main reason for his departure was that the costume was way too dangerous and stuffy.
The original Predator costume
The original Predator costume

This NFT is currently not on sale, but the removal of the last JCVD ​​posts on the networks suggests a future sale that should not have been announced. ! The description of the image also suggests the arrival of future NFTs.

Maybe JCVD ​​was thinking of Bitcoin when he said the following sentence: “One language, one currency and no religion, and we’ll all be better off ”. What is certain is that now he thinks Ethereum and NFT. And Jean Claude, the split does not scare him!

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