Atato announces million dollar ($ 1M) fundraising led by Zipmex Asia exchange and SOSV MOX investment fund

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The company Atato, which specializes in solutions for digital assets on blockchain technology, has just completed its million-dollar seed fundraising.

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Atato, a company specializing in digital assets and based in Southeast Asia

Atato is a software and technology company for digital assets founded in 2017 in Bangkok by Guillaume Le Saint, and present in Singapore and Thailand.

The company works collaboratively with financial institutions and digital asset service providers in Southeast Asia in the development of digital asset solutions on the blockchain.

Part of the Atato team
Part of the Atato team

Atato offers 3 main services:

  1. Collaboration with companies for analyze and identify application cases Blockchain technology as needed by the customer.
  2. Development of digital asset platforms and solutions on the blockchain.
  3. Proposal of food product traceability solutions through the public Ethereum blockchain.

For example: the traceability of food products for Pacifica Wild Tuna allowing check how the tuna was caught, by which captain, which vessel, in which area and when, as well as when and where it was processed.

Prestigious partners and clients such as Microsoft or ConsenSys

Since 2017, Atato has advised and served many prestigious entities in the private and public sector. Thus building as they work experience and reputation in providing software ready to go into production and focused on security and systems integration.

The different products of the Thai company help businesses create, store and manage digital assets in full compliance with Southeast Asian digital asset regulations. Particularly in the areas of secure storage and custody of digital assets, as well as the provision and integration of its solutions for end users.

Atato works in particular in partnership with ConsenSys, AWS, Kaleido and Microsoft

Atato's partnerships
Atato’s partnerships

Fundraising of $ 1 million from Zipmex Asia and SOSV MOX

Atato just closed a million dollar Seed fundraiser led by Zipmex Asia, one of the largest active crypto exchanges in the Asia Pacific region, and SOSV MOX, the second largest seed investment fund in the world.

The Atato team (Guillaume le Saint, CEO and Maxime Paul, CMO) with the investors of the Zipmex exchange
The Atato team (Guillaume le Saint, CEO and Maxime Paul, CMO) with the investors of the Zipmex exchange

An investment in line with Zipmex’s projects as the exchange plans to diversify its products and services with a view to becoming a key player in the South East Asia region.

“Blockchain is an original technology that responds to changes in consumer behavior as the technology matures. We look forward to exploring new opportunities through new projects, ranging from digital asset custody solutions, DeFi opportunities, and ultimately, a native Zipmex own blockchain. ”

Akalarp Yimwilai, CEO of Zipmex Thailand.

One goal: to become the benchmark for digital asset infrastructure

The CEO of Atato, Guillaume Le Saint, shared his pride in working in collaboration with these important investors, who not only understand the ecosystem of digital assets, but also bring their experience of creating and managing a high-level business.

“As our business has grown to reach new milestones, we appreciate and value the knowledge and experience they all bring to the table. We are convinced that with our partners, Atato will become the benchmark for digital asset infrastructure ”

Guillaume Le Saint, CEO Atato

The funds from this first round of funding will be used to develop the company’s digital asset products, strengthen its teams, its security and its compliance.

William Bao Bean, partner at SOSV said he was very happy to support Atato. An innovative company that relies on innovative technology enabling traditional financial institutions to initiate asset sales safely and at low cost.

“Technology has revolutionized many segments of the finance industry, but the process and cost of an IPO hasn’t changed since I worked on my first NASDAQ listing at the end of the years. 1990 – it’s slow and expensive ”

William Bao Bean, General Partner at SOSV and MD Chinaccelerator,

This first fundraising for Atato is good news for the blockchain ecosystem and the application of this technology in the Asia Pacific market. It also highlights the increasingly important importance of companies to present their customers with a solution for traceability of their products. As the recent announcements of LVMH and Renault.

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