Which mode do you choose after corona?

Not only because of the traffic jams, but because you have now experienced that you can concentrate better at home.

But we never learned to work from home. Thanks to the lockdown, we have learned it and are trying to manage it. Elke van Hoof wrote a practical guide ‘First aid for working at home’, which can be ordered via On an extensive review of the book.

Interesting to think about this: is the CMS outdated? If we are to believe experts, there is a gradual shift from CMS to DXP (Digital Experience Platform). “The technologies in a DXP make it possible to deliver targeted and relevant content for multiple audiences on multiple channels and IoT devices with one overarching platform. Secure and continuous access to applications and information about various touchpoints and consumer data. In other words, thanks to DXP, you can effectively connect consumers while coordinating the necessary work across internal employees and departments. While CMS and WEM systems focus on content creation and content management, DXPs offer an extra set of options to offer that content to the right person at the right time.’ (source:

On I read: ‘Many companies are planning to introduce a different organizational model than the one used before the covid epidemic. Companies state that new models are intended to guarantee employee safety (66%) and to achieve higher productivity (47%). Nearly two-thirds (64%) say the main driver for major organizational change is to create a better overall employee experience. You can conclude that from the research report ‘Digital Workplace Insights: Seeking Digital and Experience Parity to Support the Hybrid Workforce’. We now know that for most companies there will be no return to the business models of 2019. Globally, remote workers still make up almost a quarter of the workforce, albeit with some differences between sectors. A hybrid workforce is therefore of a permanent nature. That is why it is important that companies make the temporary changes – which they have implemented in 2020 – permanent, says one of the respondents.’

A difficult sentence from an article on, but it is interesting material: ‘Hearst uses Instant insights to combine editor expertise with instant data about the needs and wishes of its audience. Polling tools collect data about the interests and intentions of users. The results are analyzed in real time and used by the editors. They use the knowledge to substantiate their feelings and intuition about content.’ I had to read it several times to understand what it really says. I suspect Hearst is permanently doing reader or if you will user research. This gives editors insight into the wishes and needs of those users so that they can tailor the content they create to that, or better select the content that is available. How complicated can you formulate something. There is really only one lesson you can learn from this, the gut feeling is exit. Although the art still remains to come up with a surprising angle. Creativity is therefore an absolute requirement to function well as an editor or editor.

This naturally also stimulates curiosity: ‘Managers need new skills. In the hybrid world, their old skills are no longer sufficient.’ It comes from a newsletter of MT/Sprout. “Leaders need to realize that they have entered a new hybrid world. From now on, their people will work partly from home and perhaps at different times. With the traditional way of managing, you will no longer be successful as a manager. Hooijberg (professor of organizational behavior at the IMD Business School in Lausanne): ‘They will largely be in the virtual coordination mode. At the same time, a different approach is also expected from them when employees do come to the office.’ Exciting to think about what the work mode will look like in the future? Because it is possible that home will prove to be and remain the most effective workplace and that the office is increasingly becoming a place where you can relax in a more relaxed mode with your colleagues. The importance of a relaxed leisure mode is even greater. The management will have to realize this emphatically.

De Volkskrant will add a nice story on 30 April about the art of being able to concentrate. At home or at the workplace? Who will say? In any case, it is clear that this varies from person to person.


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