What happens to the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Craig wright and John McAfee are not the only ones who believe in their own lie. Other people claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto without being able to provide a single proof of their assertion.

From Hawaii to Belgium

2018, the Hawaiian Nakamoto, Ronald Keala Kua Maria, files trademark applications for “Bitcoin Cash”From theUS Patent and Trademark Office. It owns domain names relating to the BCH and to Satoshi Nakamoto. He continues to claim that he is the founder of Bitcoin (BTC).

September 2018, News Talk about Phil wilson a.k.a “Scronty”Who claims to be 1/3 of the group Satoshi Nakamoto. Wilson publishes an article entitled “Bitcoin Origins”In 2017. He claims to have worked with David Kleimanwho died – and Craig wrightwho rejects Wilson. Wilson is still present on Twitter, but he is less talkative than 3 years ago about his alleged membership of the group Nakamoto.

2019, the Belgian Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido made the headlines, claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He hasn’t changed his speech since, and manages the Twitter account @realsatoshin with over 5,017 followers. Debo had testified by sending a written letter to the court, in the case Klieman against Wright. It indicates there to be the “true and unique initiator / creator of the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain“. Debo reacted to recent attacks byElon musk against Bitcoin that the billionaire qualifies as a pollutant.

An image to deceive

August 2019, the marketing and PR agency specializing in fintech, Ivy McLemore & Associates, publishes a press release on Bilal Khalid, another alleged Satoshi. Ivy mclemore talks about a 3-part blog post supporting the thesis that Khalid be the daddy of BTC and blockchain. These articles point out that Khalid felt that the 2008 crisis was the perfect time to “give the final impetus to the creation of Bitcoin“.

During the week when Ivy mclemore stopped tweeting, theGerman Jörg Molt declares to the participants of the WCC Vegas Blockchain Week that it is Satoshi. He managed to get pictures with the evangelist BTC Andreas Antonopoulos. He did not hesitate to share them and to say that he and Antonopoulos were close friends – Antonopoulos denied this false proximity. Molt has not been seen at any conference since 2019.

No new contender for the title of creator of Bitcoin has yet emerged in 2021. The year is far from over, we are not immune to another narcissist dreaming of being the genius the origin of BTC.

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