Using games against reading young people

The well-known authors Ronald Giphart and Margje Woodrow have written special Hidden Stories. These are set in the world of the popular game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Along with additional visuals, video footage and sound effects, readers are offered an experience in a pre-existing game environment. It is a first step to enthuse young people within the game world to start reading. This pilot also investigates the effect on both reading itself and the image of reading among gamers.

Ronald Giphart’s Hidden Story ‘The Great Party for Bent’ can be read in the Ubisoft Special App. ‘Alf’ by Margje Woodrow will be published on May 18th. The Ubisoft Special app is an interactive magazine that anyone can download for free on iOS and Android. Bureau 2Basics has established the collaboration between Ubisoft and the Leescolatie and is responsible for the ‘Readification’ campaign.

The Reading Coalition, the partnership of seven reading promoters, and Ubisoft, one of the largest publishers, developers and distributors of interactive entertainment products in the world, share the ambition that every school leaver (primary, secondary and vocational) has good reading skills to participate in The society. Ubisoft is embracing the objective of the Reading Coalition’s reading offensive published last year. Never before has the popular game world been involved on this scale in enthusing young people to read. The collaboration comes at an important moment: reading pleasure among young people in the Netherlands is declining. For example, almost half of Dutch 15-year-olds consider reading a waste of time. And 60% only read when absolutely necessary. The Reading Coalition wants to reverse this trend by aligning with the perceptions of young people, in addition to the extensive work that is already being done in (literature) education. Gaming is very popular with many young people, so the collaboration with game developer Ubisoft is a logical step.

The fictional world of games is a place where many young people are already and where reading stories actually fits very well

Eveline Aendekerk, director of CPNB on behalf of the Reading Coalition: ‘The collaboration with Ubisoft is a very exciting but above all important step to stimulate reading pleasure among young people. You cannot reach young people just by telling them how important and enjoyable reading is. You also have to know how to hit them in a place they already like. The fictional world of games is one of those places where a lot of young people are already and where reading stories actually fits very well. The introduction of Readification is a first step with which we can offer young people a unique reading experience and hopefully increase their reading pleasure. It is very special to bring the two apparently abrasive worlds of literature and gaming together in this way.’

Marcel Keij, Marketing Director Ubisoft Benelux: ‘With this initiative we want to support the Reading Coalition in a creative way to get young people to read. We do this not only by creating new fictional stories, but also by offering young people an interactive platform.’

Ruben Houkes, founder of 2Basics: ‘We believe in bringing special worlds together. Especially when these seem to be opposites. The overlap of the Reading Coalition’s mission and Ubisoft’s storytelling games create opportunities to connect young people with reading in a new, engaging way. We think it’s great to prove once again through Readification that the gaming domain can be used in a positive and social way by brands and organizations.’


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