Special app for Big Green Egg

Instead, the initiators wanted to know how he came up with his recipes. ‘How he brings ingredients together to create a great taste. Take, for example, the spare rib as a base. You can smoke it, grill it directly, grill it indirectly, you name it. And all techniques have a different effect on the taste. These are things that the EGG hobby chefs want to learn and with which they like to experiment. This was also apparent from the survey among newsletter recipients, in which we gauged their needs,’ explains Bas van Dun, digital strategist at We are you.

Online usability test

The concept design was also extensively tested online with the target group. Jeanine de Vos, online marketer at the Big Green Egg: ‘The remote usability study gave us the opportunity to conduct a qualitative study among our target group in times where physical appointments are very difficult. We have experienced this as very positive. Participants were interviewed digitally 1-on-1 and we were given the opportunity to listen and watch during the interview. This gave real life insights into how the concept design was received by our target group.’

Van Dun: ‘The participants found it particularly surprising that the app converts your own composed dish into a recipe. With the ingredients, chosen set-up and preparation method.’ Behind this is a so-called Ruby on Rails middleware, with links to the website and a mail marketing system containing the data of the users. In addition, a CMS has been set up, based on standards in combination with various custom additions. In this, the Big Green Egg manages all products, cooking techniques, seasonings, side dishes, and so on. All content comes together in the React Native app via a link to the middleware.

The app is available as an iOS and Android version. Meanwhile, the team is working on the next phase of the app: the community.


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