Sometimes you just have to do it again

Before using a tool, learn about it. Check the following:

-Know the history. Was a tool built for contextual targeting, or did it originate elsewhere? This will not necessarily determine the power of a tool, but it does give an idea about the focus.

-Know how it works. Does the tool have access to all content of a publisher, ie is the analysis complete and reliable? A tool that is not integrated in a website can be limited by the site and thus start working with incomplete information.

-Know the language. An English tool that analyzes a Dutch article, how accurate is that…

By knowing the tool, you also recognize its limitations. If you know this, you can take this into account in your strategy. (Source)

Do you have any idea what this is about? Me neither. It seems that a translation tool was used for this text that originated elsewhere. Or the author failed a school exam and has forgotten that. Although I get this text from a paid contribution to a newsletter from our colleagues, you should expect that the text is at least screened before it is included as paid content in a newsletter. If you don’t, it negatively contributes to a reputation.

In films and TV programs it can happen that you see images that frighten you, for example because you are still too young. So we get to see in advance for which age category a film is suitable. There should be a text guide for certain types of copy, because you start to doubt yourself when you read such a text. That evokes feelings of fear. Media could make agreements not to post copy that for whatever reason is illegible, no matter how bold the invoice is.

This reads a lot easier. Businesses and their employees need a new hybrid work environment: a digital workspace that, as a flexible platform with the cloud as the default environment, enables them to collaborate, develop new ideas and stay connected. A company’s success in entering this new era will depend on how well it can ensure employee engagement, productivity and connectedness while continuing to evaluate its communication and collaboration tools. The biggest innovators need to be innovative in how their employees collaborate, support their frontline employees and rapidly digitize their customer experience. (

The work — and indeed the workplace — of the future will look completely different in 2020. Today’s pandemic may pass, but the way we work has changed forever. It won’t surprise you if the coronavirus encourages security specialists to be more popular. There is more hacking and attacking than ever and in just a few months we have already seen a SolarWinds hack, a Microsoft Exchange Server hack and a Facebook hack. Especially now that people are working from home on networks that may not be set up so well, while at the same time older systems are increasingly dusty in the office, hackers see their chance. Security should definitely be put on the map of more companies, because if the Exchange Server problem has learned anything, it is that small companies can also find themselves in serious trouble if security is not in order. Whether it concerns legacy devices, data that is hacked or customer data that ends up on the street. Information security is more important than ever and that requires people. All those homeworkers need help. (Source:

The knowledge of employees on the agency side and customer side has to be raised to a higher level. LinkedIn has confirmed that it will soon expand LinkedIn’s capabilities with a social audio experience. LinkedIn is thus beginning to take on the contours of a creators platform. Stories, LinkedIn live video, newsletters and soon also social audio provide more and more possibilities for content marketing. All in the direction of the creators economy. It adds more video to people’s profiles with the launch of a ‘video cover story’, short videos where you can tell something about yourself that are then displayed on the home page. The next step is the introduction of the ‘creator’ mode. Incidentally, this is only possible if communication is carried out in understandable language. Read the full article about all innovations that have already crossed the threshold on And don’t worry, it’s written in understandable Dutch. Thank you for that.

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