RankingThese are the best countries for expats in 2021

Mobility suddenly became a risk in 2020. This hit people who work or retire there in another country particularly hard during the corona pandemic. The expat organization Internations stated in its seventh annual report: In almost every second respondent (45 percent), Covid-19 had an impact on their current stay abroad or their plans to move abroad. Many people returned to their homeland prematurely, wanted to change the host country or preferred to postpone the planned stay abroad or return home.

Some countries scored particularly high among expats during the pandemic, while others fell in popularity. Almost half of the representatives of the top 10 in the “Expat Insider 2021” ranking have risen to the top group (this comparison relates to the study published in 2019; Internations published a city ranking in 2020). Europe has particularly lost its reputation among foreign skilled workers. It was represented in the top 10 with three countries in 2019. In 2021 only one European country managed to do this.

Best countries for expats

Internations is a network for people who live and work abroad. According to its own information, it has around four million members. According to the organization, 12,420 of them took part in the online survey on the expat study from January 7th to 31st, 2021. The participants lived in 186 countries and territories. At least 50 respondents were necessary for a state to be included in the ranking. This resulted in a ranking from 59 countries. The expats rated their host country on the basis of 37 factors from the main categories of quality of life, settling in in the host country, work, finances, cost of living and general satisfaction.

How badly a country was affected by Covid-19 and how it reacted to the pandemic was not a dedicated factor in the analysis. However, it probably played a role in the assessment of the local health system, the security situation, the labor market and personal satisfaction.

These are the best countries for expats in 2021 according to Internations.


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