Norton360 now allows Ethereum (ETH) mining

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If you are one of the 13 million users of Norton360 Antivirus and Antimalware software, you can now secure the Ethereum blockchain!

Standardization of mining is underway!

The cybersecurity company NortonLifeLock launched its new product Norton Crypto, allowing its users to mine cryptocurrencies safely thanks to their tool Norton360.

Since June 3, 2021, some customers of the service Norton360 were invited to join Norton’s “ealry adopter” program for Ethereum mining. Mining will then be open to the company’s 13 million users in the coming months. The company emphasized that users would not need to turn off their antivirus to access this feature.

At the microphone of CNN Business, Norton explained his goal to offer mining other major crytpos in the near future, so that their customers can take full advantage of their computing power.

NortonLifeLock CPO Vincent Pilette spoke proudly saying that his company would be the first to offer its customers secure mining services, taking advantage of machine idle time to generate crypto. To reassure its customers, Norton clarified that the profits related to mining would be stored in the Norton wallet, based on the cloud, thus avoiding the risks associated with hardware malfunctions.

While the news is good news for crypto enthusiasts, Norton is also thinking about the future. Indeed, Ethereum mining is currently the most profitable, by far! Consensus Proof Of Work, currently used on Ethereum, requires a lot of computing power, and the congestion of the Ethereum network is a delight for miners who revel in exorbitant transaction fees.
However, the EIP 1559 announced for July aims to drastically reduce fees on the network and the transition from blockchain to Ethereum 2.0, changing the consensus to a Proof of Stake, will make miners’ labor unnecessary. It is therefore up to NortonLifeLock to prepare well for this transition and to prepare the ground already for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and ZCash (ZEC) for example.

The cybersecurity company has the necessary resources in these teams (cryptography, cybersecurity, cloud) for a project of this magnitude, standardizing crypto mining and offering itself a nice commercial showcase. Be careful not to give ideas to bigger fish …

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