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Today we meet for a new 5 minute crypto issue. Velleyen will give us a presentation of the most popular wallet in the ecosystem, Metamask. How to install it? How to make transactions? Velleyen will reveal everything to us!


Metamask is a chrome extension, so it is very easy to install. Once on the website, simply click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome”.

How to install MetaMask in your browser

Subsequently, you will need to create an account SAVING the seed phrase, which will be used in the event of a problem to connect you.

Transfer your first cryptos

Once the account is created, fund your wallet with crypto using the address at the top of the app. If you don’t have crypto, you will have to buy it through exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. I advise you to fund it with ETH for transactions on this network or with BNB if you want to use the Binance Smart Chain. If you don’t see your tokens, don’t panic, just add them manually. Here is a guide to add DAI

How to add DAI

New addition Metamask, the crypto swap

Finally, Metamask recently added the swap directly to the wallet. To use it, just go to swap and exchange your tokens.

Metamask adds the swap

If you want to learn more about how to use Metamask, it’s over here.

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