Magnum presents #ShowYourLayers with Miley Cirus

On June 10, 2021, pop rock star Miley Cyrus will perform at a free-to-stream digital live show: Miley in Layers. The performance is recorded through a live stream with 8D audio, making it feel like you’re there in real life are with you if you are using headphones. During the performance, which will be performed in collaboration with Magnum, Miley will perform an exclusive cover of the 80s hit in addition to well-known hits from her album ‘Plastic Hearts’. Midas Touch by Midnight Star, interpreted in her own personal version Miley’s Touch. With this, according to Magnum, Miley wants to give the world an important message for her: ‘Pleasure Has More Than One Layer‘.

Because it will be a while before we can enjoy major live concerts by international A-artists together again, Miley brings the performance with the help of an 8D audio experience. This layered sound brings you closer to the artist, making it seem like you’re in the same room as Miley.

A champion of self-expression, Miley believes that everyone should be able to pursue what they enjoy. Miley: ‘Our greatest superpower is our individuality. Since developing as an artist, I have been able to discover the different layers of my personality and what gives me pleasure. Whether I’m writing, in the studio, singing on stage in front of thousands of fans or wearing something that makes me feel strong and confident. My greatest pleasure in life is music and I am very excited to perform in 8D for everyone. I hope this inspires everyone to embrace your own layers of pride and pursue what gives you pleasure.”

Miley and Magnum find each other in the shared belief that everyone should feel free to embrace the different layers that make you unique, and celebrate them with the rest of the world. “Chasing what you enjoy, whatever that may be. Because ‘a day without pleasure is a day lost, both Magnum and Miley say they agree.

In front of Miley In Layers Magnum and Miley collaborated with American fashion photographer Vijat Mohindra, who brought the campaign message to life (see photo above). The ‘Miley In Layers 8D concert’ can be seen via YouTube on June 10, 2021 at 8.30 pm at this link. To learn more about the #ShowYourLayers campaign can be found on Magnum’s Insta channel (@Magnum) and via the website
(PvWK, photo: Vijat Mohindra)


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