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The idea behind the project is that many investors lose money in the financial markets, even with prior training. Trading is a profession in its own right which requires studying and practicing this activity full time.

There is therefore a real demand from individuals to invest intelligently while preserving their capital as much as possible. offers to follow and copy the investment strategies of experienced traders. The platform automatically reproduces the team’s trades while limiting potential losses.

The site has been operational since summer 2020. This young company is headed by Jonathan Nowak. You must have come across the videos on her YouTube channel. Jonathan has been providing his crypto investment strategies there since 2017, combining enthusiasm, spontaneity of expression and expertise in this field.

What are the offers of

Depending on the amount of capital you want to invest, you can choose between two offers. training

Between 500 and 5000 € you will have access to training which will provide you with the fundamentals of investing in cryptocurrencies.

The course takes place in 10 stages which cover the following subjects:

  • Understanding cryptocurrencies and how they work
  • 15 safety points to know before investing your capital.
  • How to manage your capital and diversify it.
  • 10 Crypto-Investor Methods Refined Over Years To Copy / Paste
  • What are the 15 most promising cryptocurrencies according to the team.
  • A tutorial for simply investing with maximum security.
  • Know when to buy and when to sell cryptocurrencies at the best price.
  • Spend your earnings with a bank card.
  • Secure your cryptocurrencies in a safe.
  • Taxation of cryptocurrencies and how to declare your earnings

You will have access to 5 bonuses that will help you deepen your knowledge in this area.

If you are looking to discover the basics of investing while gaining autonomy and confidence, this formula seems quite suitable.

The training is billed at around € 500 with support by email and 5-hour support by phone or video.

The platform

It is accessible from an investment of 5000 €. It is already a significant sum. Indeed, it is prudent to invest only 10% of its total capital in cryptocurrencies.

The team suggests that you make an appointment in advance to take stock and direct you to the offer best suited to your objectives.

Registration is done when ordering and you will then have to pass the identity verification procedure, the famous KYC.

Note that is not a trading platform in the sense that operations are carried out with a third party, namely Binance. You must therefore have a verified account on this exchange and deposit the funds you want to use for your investment there.

What are the functionalities of the platform?

There are three options available to you.

The Copy function:

The title can be misleading because it is not copy trading. In effect, you entrust your capital to the trader of your choice so that they invest for you in the market and manage your portfolio. You will receive your earnings every month directly to your Binance account.

The performance of each trader is indicated on the site. Be aware that the figures announced do not predict future results.

The Auto function:

It is the platform that automatically invests your capital according to the strategy you have chosen based on your level of aversion / risk propensity.

These automations are developed and tested by the team.

Note that is more oriented towards long-term results.

The Frequency strategy is a programmed investment or Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) for which you determine the amount and frequency of purchase regardless of the state of the market.

The Solo function:

This requires a good mastery of trading because it is you who create your own investment strategy.

The advantage of using the solution is that the site makes it as easy as possible to choose the trade orders to be placed. The interface is much more refined than that of exchanges.

First, you choose which assets to buy. Either a “house” index of 15 cryptos carefully selected by the team, or an assortment of 5 tokens from Decentralized Finance, the DeFi index.

You can also freely compose your basket with your favorite cryptocurrencies thanks to the custom index.

Finally, you set up your buying and selling strategies, without forgetting the trader’s airbag, namely the stop loss which will prevent you from losing too much in the event of a sharp fall in the market.

Orders will be executed on your Binance account.

What are the prices of

They consist of annual fixed costs of up to 5.9% of the capital allocated to the platform. They are decreasing according to the amount of your investment.

Monthly variable fees proportional to the results are also withheld from your earnings. You will find details in the general conditions of sale.

The services offered by are a good introduction for beginners who want to learn about crypto investing while being supported.

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