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Location: is the set your dream castle?

It seems that the government will soon allow some more events on location. As freedom increases, so does the potential locations for your webinar or event. For organizations that tackle different topics in their webinars, it can be refreshing to look for a different set. For example, you can give different topics (sustainability?) a different set (outside!), to emphasize the differences and to provide variety for viewers and/or visitors. Also, don’t forget that your venue needs to include more than just a studio (or place where the ceremony takes place). There must be a room to receive guests and, for example, a room for lunch/dinner. All facets must be present for the wedding day or production day to run smoothly.

Laughing at the birdie: who captures everything?

To capture your wedding, you can ask an aunt to take some snapshots on her cell phone – for some people that’s enough. A simple webcam could sometimes suffice for a webinar. But it is not for nothing that bridal couples often ask a specialized photographer or cameraman to capture their day. He or she thinks up beforehand how he or she shoots the most beautiful images, talks with the bridal couple to come up with the most beautiful photo book together and knows exactly what he or she is doing. If your event is not a huge production, then it is logical that you do not place the highest demands on it. But if it has to have a professional look and you want everything to run smoothly, then it’s smart to leave this to the experts. After all, you can only do it right once. The yes is like a penalty in the Champions league. You can’t make it to ask Messi if he will do the decisive penalty again if it is not on the screen?

The guests: who are we celebrating this party with?

A large part of how you would organize your wedding depends on the audience that will be present. An intimate wedding with few guests requires a different location, different catering, etc. than a grand party for 500 people. This also applies to webinars and hybrid events. Produce your video for a niche market, for a small audience, then you will be able to go into more detail in everything. If the video is ultimately intended for the widest possible audience, you may want to keep topics more on the surface, and focus more on how accessible or entertaining your production should be, for example.

Entertainment: who is the star of the show?

‘Snippets’ at weddings are often hilarious for intimates, but just as often a little awkward for those who don’t get them or who just want to keep dancing. The entertainment during a wedding determines at least part of its quality, and that also applies to ‘the face’ of your webinar or event. As an organizer, do not feel obliged to appear in the picture yourself if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Also look for external speakers or presenters. If you can put a big name on the email invitation of your webinar, it’s like tying a well-known band to your wedding: your guests will be impressed before even a single note has been played.

The dress: how do we dress today?

You’ve chosen the location, the camera crew knows what to do and the presenter doesn’t have a piece of spinach between his front teeth. Nothing seems to be able to go wrong, but you still find your production a bit dull afterwards. How did that happen? You probably didn’t pay enough attention to the details, to the decoration. And I mean that literally and figuratively. A vase with flowers in the background can brighten things up, but make sure that the clothes of your presenter(s) do not clash with, or disappear against, the background. This can lead to strange (but hilarious) situations.

The cost picture: monitor your budgets

With a big event like your wedding, or your hybrid event, it’s easy to lose track of your costs. The best way to keep control over your expenses is to approach an experienced (wedding) planner who knows exactly where you don’t want to cut corners, and which parts you can easily take care of yourself. Hire the photographer? Always a good idea. Multiple locations? Maybe that’s not necessary at all. Almost all questions that you need to get an answer to during the organization of the event have already been answered by experts and can even be fully arranged for you from A to Z. From sending the invitations to arranging thanks. So save time and money by having someone think along with you about the best solutions. This way you guarantee that your wedding or event is a day to remember for everyone.

This blog is from Frank Schröder, Marketing & Communications manager at Quadia

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