GTA6 and Bitcoin (BTC), the winning recipe for Rockstar Games’ baby?

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If you follow the video game news, you are not knowing that GTA6 is more and more expected. But while some wonder about the release date of the new opus, another question arises: will players be rewarded in Bitcoin?

Towards payroll in Bitcoin for certain missions?

According to a tweet posted on June 3 by Tom henderson (a leaker famous for the veracity of his predictions concerning the previous opus of Call of Duty and Battlefield), accomplishing certain missions in Rockstar’s flagship franchise would be rewarded in cryptocurrency.

Of course this payment will be ingame, that is to say that it will not be real Bitcoin.

If the interested party declares not to know if it is exactly the name “Bitcoin”, he persists by saying that a cryptocurrency will be in the spotlight.

Beyond this crypto reward, GTA6 would also integrate a broker, allowing the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Regarding his name, will it be an exchange already known such as Binance or FTX, who does not hesitate to develop partnerships with the world of video games? Or will it be a dummy broker specially developed by Rockstar?

We will probably be over on Monday June 14 during the conference Take-Two Interactive at E3 2021.

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