Green Chancellor candidate Baerbock wants to promote e-cars for low-income earners

E-cars for the tight budget: This is what the Green Chancellor candidate Baerbock promises to commuters with low incomes. The owners of climate-damaging cars should pay for it. The current system is unfair.

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock wants to encourage commuters without a company car and with low incomes to buy an e-car if they win the election. The current system is definitely not fair, said Baerbock the “Handelsblatt” on Friday.

A well-paid freelancer who buys a company car for 150,000 euros with high CO2 emissions will be relieved by the state and thus by the general public with over 75,000 euros. A midwife who earns significantly less and drives a small car with much lower CO2 emissions for a tenth of the purchase price will only be relieved of tax of just over 5,000 euros.

This is not only ecologically wrong, but also manifests the social divide. The larger and more climate-damaging the car, the higher the taxation should be in the future, said Baerbock.

Companies would have to become climate neutral faster

At the same time, Baerbock campaigned for a pact with industry to support companies in their transformation towards climate neutrality: “It takes a joint approach by industry and politics, a restructuring program with a historical dimension,” she told the newspaper.

The companies would have to be much faster in converting to climate neutrality: “To do this, they need the security of politicians that the billions they are facing now will pay off in the future.”

The state should ensure planning security

According to the newspaper, Baerbock proposes climate agreements through which the state compensates for the additional costs for the company if it produces climate-neutrally. The state must now ensure planning security and make advance payments, so Baerbock.

If the products pay off in the future, however, “the companies give the advance back to the general public”.


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