For the first time Book Week in summer

The main sponsor of the Boekenweek 2021 is NS. Both authors are also editors-in-chief of the Hebban reader platform during the Boekenweek. Hanna Bervoets wrote the Boekenweekgift this year What we saw and Roxane van Iperen wrote the essay ‘The genocide fax’, about the genocide in Rwanda.

In recent months, the translation rights of the Boekenweekgift have already been sold before publication to seven countries, including America. The rights were sold by her agent Lisette Verhagen of PFD in London. The bids for the international film rights are still in full swing. Never before has a Boekenweekgift been sold to so many countries before publication. The translation rights of Bervoets’ novel Welcome to the Kingdom of the Sick were also sold.

The Book Week Gift

The Book Week Gift What we saw Readers receive a gift from the bookshop when they spend €15 on Dutch-language books. To spread the crowds, the gift will be distributed throughout June, while supplies last.

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