First bed cinema in the Netherlands opens doors in Amsterdam

Location: Houthavens of Amsterdam. Film fans can make their biggest dream come true here until June 23, 2021; Stretch out and watch the best films in a cinema with the largest screen in the Netherlands. And food and drinks are served on your luxury box spring. Something different than your breakfast in bed or that bag of chips on the bedside table.

Pajamas not required
The initiative for the bed cinema comes from mattress brand Matt Sleeps, which already caused a furore with the world’s first Hangover Bar. The high-profile brand now says it wants to offer something special after we watched movies in bed during the months-long lockdown. For this they converted the 4,200 m2 of Theater Amsterdam into a bed cinema. In the place where there are normally 1,500 chairs, you will now find fifteen luxury double box springs. Each bed is on its own raised platform so that you have a perfect view of the gigantic screen where the latest blockbusters are shown.

Early birds, snoozers and night owls alike will enjoy themselves, as there are performances spread throughout the day. In addition, there are special children’s performances on Wednesday afternoons and weekends. You can book a bed online for a maximum of two people from 3:00 PM this afternoon. You can reserve a bed in advance from 45 euros. Beds are changed after each performance and pajamas are not mandatory, but they will of course complete your visit to the bed cinema.

From Hangover Bar to Matt’s Bed Cinemabi
De Beddenbioscoop is the work of Joep Verbunt, founder and owner of Matt Sleeps. Before he decided five years ago to challenge the established order in the (over-priced) mattress market, the creative entrepreneur was already known as the man behind high-profile events that went around the world such as the supermarket disco, the tomato fight on Dam Square and the anti hangover bar.

Joep Verbunt about Matt’s Beddenbioscoop: ‘After more than 200 days at home, we thought it was time for something special. At the same time, we have all experienced that there is really no more comfortable place to watch a movie than your bed. And so with the reopening of the cinemas we come with something very special; The Netherlands’ first-ever bed cinema. Watch the latest movies from one of our luxurious velvet box springs’

In addition to the regular performances, a special performance is organized for care providers who have had a difficult year. Via the website they can sign up for a free bed in the cinema. By the way, attentive friends can of course also do that for them as a surprise.

During the creation and final performances of the bed cinema, all applicable corona rules will of course be enforced, the brand reports. More information about the bed cinema and the complete programming can be found on the website of Matt’s Beddenbioscoop.


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