Elon Musk, luckily ridicule doesn’t kill Bitcoin (BTC)

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After a few days of calm it looks like the most hated megalomaniac billionaire of the last few days is back, to play us a dirty trick?

Musk gets corrected by Vitalik Buterin

It’s no secret Elon musk is an avid supporter (troll?) when it comes to Dogecoin. A currency that he tries to establish in the minds of many as the internet currency with low power consumption unlike the ancestor of Bitcoin. Nevertheless aware of the impact of this, the CEO of You’re here and SpaceX would be in reflection with “the Doge’s team” to improve its ecological impact.

So how can the Doge blockchain be improved? Easy ! In “Increasing the size of the blocks by 10, by increasing the speed of emission of the blocks by 10 and by decreasing the charges by 100”. Decidedly, it is strong this Elon ! why no one had thought of it before?

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum responded by saying that the risk of centralizing the network should always be taken into account, which as everyone knows is a bit the opposite of the very idea of ​​blockchain.

“For a blockchain to be decentralized, it is essential that regular users can manage a node and that there is a culture in which managing nodes is a common activity. Once updated, Ethereum will likely process a million transactions per second with all the security and decentralization of a blockchain. “

Vitalik Buterin

An answer that obviously made the billionaire think deeply, evidenced by his response:

Obviously love (the troll?), OfElon musk concerning the Doge is still present. A love that we will soon find in…. Bitcoin?

Elon Musk thinks he’s Bitcoin CEO

After having sparked controversy, incomprehension or in the opinion of some, caused the fall of the market, the one who clearly tends to take himself for the CEO of the most famous cryptocurrency wished to reassure us:

Phew, if Elon spoke to North American miners to ask them to release the information about energy sources and see how to use renewable energy, here we are saved. Bitcoin itself, happy with the news, rose in the space of 15 minutes from $ 37,964 to $ 39,920, an increase of almost 5.15%:

But besides which miners are they and how Elon did he come into contact with?

Well obviously through Michael saylor, the founder of Microstrategy and a strong supporter of Bitcoin. We learn in this last tweet that representatives of Argo Blockchain, Blockcap, Core Scientific, Galaxy Digital, HiveBlockchain, Hut 8 mining, Marathon Digital Holding and Riot Blockchain.

Data that could confirm to everyone that Bitcoin is not as polluting as what these detractors claim. For Dogecoin fans, rest assured his master has thought of him. The community is now free of ideas to improve it. Would Elon have understood the meaning of the words “decentralization” and “community”? What progress in a few days!

Dogecoin fees based on lunar cycles? Why not? At the point where we are, nothing would be surprising anymore…. In the meantime, don’t forget, the strength of an individual comes from his community, the strength of a blockchain network also comes from his community. The struggles are only just beginning and they will be long drawn out.

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