Dr. Oetker: VAR gesture becomes oven gesture

The brand brings top referee Roelof Luinge back to professional football to claim the VAR gesture as an oven gesture. Every time an intervention from the Video Assistant Referee is requested, viewers can claim the oven on and win pizza prizes.

VAR = Oven = pizza

As an unofficial sponsor of the European Championship, Dr. Oetker so all referees – including Björn Kuipers and Danny Makkelie – to gymnastics in ambient media channels. VAR gesture = Oven gesture = pizza gesture. A campaign with a wink. A picture joke instead of a word joke. ‘Most people find the VAR moment a boring and annoying moment. We try to make it a more enjoyable moment with the campaign. There is something to win and we remind you that you have time to turn on the oven for a delicious pizza. Preferably ours,’ says Stefan van Lint, senior pizza brand manager at Dr Oetker.

Roeloef Luinge face of the campaign

Roelof Luinge is the face of this campaign-with-a-wink. He is the record holder in professional football with more than 845 games whistled. He is very happy that he can participate in the European Championships again: ‘I was a big supporter of the VAR, but I missed the introduction in 2016 by a hair. I still whistle, but unfortunately such modern gadgets are not used in amateur football. And now that I get an active role around the VAR this European Championship, the circle is complete. Besides being the face of the action, I am also a jury umpire. So bring on those potential red cards and schwalbes and claim the oven! And stick to the rules, because I check all claims and as you know I’m not afraid to whistle people back.’

It is a digital/social campaign that is supported with TV, PR and influencer marketing. The campaign starts Monday, June 7.


Client: Dr. Oetker

Concept and production: Being There

Social Media: Glue Amsterdam

Website: Partout Digital Agency

Media: OMD

PR: exPRtease

Editor: Asura

Audio: AMP Amsterdam

Photography: Tobias Reymond Foto|Fil


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