Dirk boss Huizing hands over petition ‘Less VAT on fruit and vegetables’ to the House of Representatives

In recent years, healthy products have risen much faster in price than unhealthy products, Statistics Netherlands reports. As a result, choosing healthy food is often not an option for many people, you can conclude. Various health authorities have therefore been committed to lowering the VAT on fruit and vegetables for years, but unfortunately without results. There is no differentiation in tax on healthy or unhealthy food. Strange actually.

‘This is no longer possible,’ says supermarket chain Dirk van den Broek. Under the motto ‘The time is ripe’, Marcel Huizing, Dirk van den Broek’s general manager, started a petition this spring to lower the VAT on fruit and vegetables from 9% to 6%. More than 52,000 signatures have now been collected for this via the special campaign website. On Tuesday 8 June, Marcel Huizing officially hands over the petition to Judith Tielen, chair of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives.

‘It is the first time that a supermarket is leading the way in the fight for a VAT reduction on fruit and vegetables. Dirk van den Broek is looking for broad cooperation with other supermarkets, citizens, health organizations and with politicians. That is why Marcel Huizing is happy to present the petition in person in The Hague to underline the common importance of healthy food’, says Dirk. Especially in this period of the formation of a new cabinet, those involved find it important to address politicians.


Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Time: Start 13.00

Location: Square and the Statenpassage in The Hague

Who: Marcel Huizing, general director Dirk van den Broek, on behalf of 52,000 Dutch citizens

What: Marcel travels in style to The Hague to hand over the petition in the presence of various politicians.


13:00 – 13:25 pm on the Square for short speech korte
13:30 – 13:45 Official presentation to Judith Tielen, chairman of the Finance Committee, in the Statenpassage.


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