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Photo from left to right: Daan Jongen, Anne Stokvis, Jens Hellewaard.

Hosts of the podcast series are Anne Stokvis (editor-in-chief), Daan Jongen (social lead) and Jens Hellewaard (strategist), all three of whom work at N=Content, the content label of advertising agency N=5. In the podcast, the trio, each from their own expertise, discuss topics such as formatting, behavioral change and joining versus hooking up. The purpose of the podcast is to put the world of content in context. What exactly is content and why is context so important? The voice-over and production is provided by former Radio 2 presenter Sander de Heer and today the first of a total of ten episodes will be released, which can be heard on the channels of N=Content and MarketingTribune (see below).

When asked about the development of Context, Stokvis explains: ‘We notice that content is often still a container term that is used all the time. Everyone has their own definition. A lot of content is also created, I sometimes jokingly say: content is the new spam. For example, we often see ‘content pitches’ at N=Content, which actually means that there is little budget. Like: we can’t afford a campaign, but a ‘content’ campaign can. It’s a shame that our daily work is actually reduced to ‘low budget’, haha. While effective content is about quality and not quantity. Marketers should therefore think carefully: what is the purpose of my content? What is the context? We’re going to give it to them.’

How should we envision the form?

All three of us are professional idiots who often drink a beer after work, order pizza and talk about the latest developments in our profession. Then all kinds of topics come up, such as the origin of the Tour de France, which was once founded as a content activation for a cycling magazine. In this way you come to new inspiration and insights, which we are also happy to share with the marketer. So now we add microphones once a month!

Each episode lasts as long as our regular pizzeria around the corner takes the order (N=5 is located in the Amsterdam Houthavens, ed.). By the way, they don’t sponsor us – and we do them with this podcast! There is often about thirty minutes between order and delivery, which is also the length of each episode. The atmosphere is loose and informal, which is what we consciously chose. A species summer school-feeling. For example, we offer information and inspiration from three angles, namely social, strategy and editorial, which really benefits the marketer.

Why is specific ‘context in content’ so important?

In a world where the online playing field is filling up with content, context is more important than ever. Anyone can create content, but when does it become meaningful to the recipient and break through the masses? Content is therefore about the content, the story you tell and the form in which you do it. Context is what gives the content value to the recipient. By creating the right context, you position the content for the viewer, listener or reader. This is very valuable for marketers. Context is really an essential part of our profession.

Why does the podcast ‘only’ appear monthly?

We don’t want to keep talking about ‘the hype of the week’. The idea is that if you listen back to an episode in two years, it will still be relevant. So we are not going to discuss the latest content campaign of brand X or zoom in on current events. I see the podcast series as a ten-chapter book, and each month we deepen a new chapter, whether it’s about behavior change or augmented reality goes.

The podcast market is booming. In other words, there are already so many. How does Context distinguish itself in 2021 in all that podcast violence?

We really aim at the marketer as a target group. We choose our own niche and then come up with a good story. Look, there are also a lot of talk shows, and they often distinguish themselves not by content and form, but by the context in which they position themselves. I think we do the same. In addition, we have an interesting distribution of people. Everyone has their own character: Jens is the strategist from Delft who knows all research by heart, Daan knows how to list all cases with his social knowledge and humor and I myself am more into the content with a background in the journalism and television world. We inform and inspire, but in a fun and casual way.

In general, what is the challenge for marketers when it comes to podcasts?

Podcast is a means and should not be an end in itself. As a marketer you first have to think about: fits
does it match my objectives and the needs of the target group? Then there is an opportunity to use podcast. Indeed, nobody is waiting for more podcasts, but for information, relaxation or inspiration. A podcast can provide that, but is not a must. In general, content must be given a place in the marketing mix. If you really know what you do and don’t do and why, you can make much smarter choices, based on strategy. That still happens too little. I sometimes receive briefings asking for a content activation, but then I read carefully and they actually want to activate a shop floor with flat sales. That is possible, but content is not the right answer in my opinion. With our podcast, we hope to open up conversations like this; it is really our mission to take the world of content to the next level together with marketers.

This article was created in collaboration with N=Content.

Content has become an indispensable part of the marketing mix. Not reach, but attention is the holy grail here. In Context, the content podcast for marketers, Anne Stokvis (editor-in-chief), Daan Jongen (social lead) and Jens Hellewaard (strategist) from N=Content share all the ins and outs of the profession. And they place the world of content in context. Listen Context now through your favorite podcast app! Listen to the first episode here.


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