[column] What kind of WC Duck journalism is this?

At one point hashtags had to be supplied and how long has it been since a freelancer was asked to make some short posts for social media? In short, get the content from the source, then you get the best value. And then I read on Marketingfacts the advice to the marketer to take back control of content productions. ‘Marketers will have to take the initiative and take control of what is made by whom for their brand. It is only through a different approach that the marketer regains control of his own content productions.’

‘You used to be able to work as a marketer with one full-service agency or a limited number of production companies, nowadays every touchpoint or channel has a specialist agency. Every agency or producer also makes an end product. An app, filter, TVC, banner set, website, installation or print materials. As a marketer, you get hold of the end product and not the parts, also called assets. Think of the individual components such as animations, product shots, lifestyle shots, which can also be used for other end products.’ ‘As far as we are concerned, thinking in terms of end products is a missed opportunity, because by thinking in terms of assets you ultimately get more out of your content budget. Because all those end products are made up of different parts. Parts that in principle only need to be produced once.’

Has the communication world let its business get so out of hand? I’ve been watching from the sidelines for a long time, and haven’t fully realized this. But when I read that the author on Marketingfacts addresses the marketer, I get angry. Why marketer? Is the content world at the mercy of the whims and whims of the marketer? If so, I understand that the situation has gotten out of hand. Marketers who are encouraged to adopt a so-called ‘asset approach’ must realize that working with content is a specific profession that requires a great deal of substantive knowledge.

The author suggests hiring an asset manager to ensure that a content strategy is developed and all necessary content is created at once. Such that many forms of output can be created. And of course the author works at an agency that can supply those asset managers. How credible is this type of content? In terms of content, there is little to argue with, with the exception of the hiring of that asset manager. The professional content marketing companies can draw up such a strategic content plan in consultation with each client and ensure that the so-called assets are created for every desired channel. Print, digital and video. You don’t need an extra party for that. Fortunately, many clients are professionals.

I read a similar story in our colleagues’ newsletter. Housing grows. According to research, too few advertisers use programmatic advertising. An interesting concept. Because this basically means structured media purchasing. Advertisers are losing money and are getting less return from their media budgets, according to the researchers. ‘More than half (52 percent) of the marketers indicate that more transparency in the purchasing rates of the advertising space is the main motivation for bringing programmatic advertising in-house. More than half of the participants expect an increase in spending on programmatic advertising for 2021.’ And let the party that conducted the research now specialize in programmatic advertising. One can provide the consultant or interim manager who will sort things out for an advertiser.

What kind of WC Duck journalism is this? The authors’ opinions are as old as the road to Rome. The wheel is being reinvented. By blowing so high of the tower and putting themselves forward as the expert, those involved mainly show that they have successfully completed the sales training, but that they still get a big fail in journalism or content wise.

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