Carl Icahn, American billionaire, plans to invest $ 1.5bn in cryptos

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After clarifying that most of the cryptocurrencies in circulation today will not survive, the billionaire Carl Icahn has indicated an interest in cryptos and plans to invest $ 1.5bn.

Recent dump catches the attention of big wallets

In an interview for Bloomberg, the founder ofIcahn Enterprises announced that he wanted to make a
sensational entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, suggesting an investment of $ 1.5 billion.

“I mean, a big deal for us would be a billion dollars, a billion and a half dollars… I’m not going to say the exact amount. “

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is an investor and former advisor to the administration of Donald trump, whose fortune is estimated at $ 15.7 billion by the magazine Forbes. A former crypto-skeptic, Icahn announced to CNBC in 2018 that cryptos were ridiculous and maybe too old to touch on this type of investment.

Even if Carl Icahn specified that he had not bought cryptocurrency, he nevertheless indicated that he was studying this possibility. How to justify such a change of position? While some see the arrival of billionaires beneficial to the ecosystem, it seems important to specify how the fortune of Carl Icahn.

A pioneer in the use of derivative products, Carl Icahn is a true legend that divides the world of investors. The “Icahn method” is a proven model. To summarize, the objective is to buy shares in a company in difficulty, restructure the management in place, drastically reduce the costs to repay the company’s debt and make it profitable, then resell its shares.

You will agree, ethics is not the priority of those who have always justified themselves by explaining that ” in
business, the end justifies the means “
. This practice will also apply to Carl Icahn the nickname of “Predator”. Note that we also have our predator in France, in the person of Vincent Bollore.

The recent heightened volatility in the crypto markets has highlighted many opportunities for large portfolios, and derivatives are dangerous tools for clumsy retail traders. But when we see the ease with which the institutions remote control the courses as they please, the awakening of sharks of the caliber of Carl Icahn promises surprises. For better or for worse, I’ll end with the terms of Gregory Raymond on Twitter “Did you hate Elon Musk?” You will soon discover Carl Icahn ».

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